Saturday, January 29, 2011

Easy Up Means Easy Over!

Setting up for festival
A Kerry Sparks fan
Up and at 'em at 5:00 AM this morning to drive to Pearland for Winterfest. My daughter Kerry had a booth there today to sell her books. It was fun helping her set up and get ready. The weather was a little iffy today, but rain held off till late afternoon. We did have to battle wind gusts. In the middle of the day, somehow her little tent cover got caught by the wind. I'm sitting and knitting, minding my own business, while Kerry was trying to sell books--trying not to chime in to say what a great author my daughter is, or how much the grandma looking over the books would benefit by buying one or all of her books, and all of a sudden a great gust took the tent and keeled it over into the vendor stand behind us. We were lucky we didn't skewer the elderly couple running their toy booth in back of us! We got the tent back up and tried to tie it down better on the cement driveway, but we battled the wind the rest of the day and finally gave up a little early...just as a little rain fell. She sold six books, so she was a happy camper! (She can be seen on Kerry Sparks Facebook fans and has two books she's currently selling-Frostbites and Jen and the Frosted Friends--both for girls ages 8-13)

It was a great festival. The location had to be changed at the last minute due to soggy ground, but it appears that there was a great turnout. What was fun, was the organizers had an ice truck come and they made snow! A tubing run for the kids, and a place to have a snowball fight! The kids had a ball in there..some of them have never seen snow, I'm was 73 degrees today at the festival, so this was a great attraction for kids and parents alike. EVERYBODY was in a snowball fight in the snow pen!

They had a petting zoo and the cutest little miniature favorite was the Polish chicken. I'd never seen one and asked what it was. The farmer said, "Don't you watch Sesame Street?" I said, "Oh, yeah, for many years" and I meant it. Used to watch it with my girls. He says, "Well, Big Bird is a Polish chicken, dontcha know?" Ah-h-h-h, I see the resemblance now.....

There were so many things for kids to do at this festival! They had a huge game trailer truck come in and you could try out all the Wii and Kinect games for free, they had a rock climbing wall that was really tall, (I'd REALLY like to try that!) they had a dance group that was quite famous who have toured internationally...they were called Inertia and were anything but that---modern dance, spins, leaps, gymnastics and break dancing to heart pumping electronica beats. The face painting lady next door to us never stopped painting faces from 9:00 this morning till 4:00 this afternoon. She was very artistic as you can see by the photos of just a few of the things she's done.
Tomorrow the rain is heading our way it's supposed to be very windy tomorrow morning, possible hail...Then it's going to get pretty darn chilly around here in the next couple of days...forties maybe for high...we'll see what we can do to keep warm and out of some wind that's heading our way as well....It's time get out the rope and bungee cords to tie down the awning toppers! Hope we can get anchored before the worst of the wind hits.  See you later!

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  1. Love those little chickens. So colorful. My girlfriend use to raise those little ones like that.