Saturday, January 15, 2011

Party Hearty!

This place really knows how to entertain their guests while they stay! Last night and every Friday night is Happy Hour from 5:00-8:00 and usually some kind of entertainment in the clubhouse. Free food, free drinks. I set up my table for Tastefully Simple, and had quite a few people stop by to taste, but only one sale all evening. There was a HUGE hors d'oevres table set up right around the corner from me, so I had LOTS of competition as far as food goes. If I had known that, I would have prepared less food. But that's ok, getting the word out as to what the company is all about is good and I really enjoy talking to people...hopefully, some people will go back and check it out on the internet, which was my goal...having a taste testing event both last night and tonight got us two free nights stay here, so we were happy!

This goofy guy above is Billy Bridger...he had quite the repertoire of songs, costumes, and even a couple of ventriloquist dummies that he did songs with..they were more for show, he didn't actually do the ventriloquist thing.....he is also a balloon artist and after a young family with impressionable children left, he livened up the show a bit. Look very carefully at the balloon this guy has on his head....that's all Sparky is gonna say....

And that's all Sparky is gonna say this evening...I'm pooped! Rode my bike a lot today, ran around and got updates on my computer, and did another round of Tastefully Simple at the clubhouse...people love to sample, but football took the center stage today, so time to turn our attention to least for if it was the Colts, or Notre Dame,  I might watch for a bit, but sports are not too interesting to's a good thing there's an outside TV on the Phaeton, so I can send Eldy outside in nice weather to watch while I do stuff for me!  See you plans yet... thanks for reading!


  1. Sorry your tasting didn't go better, but you are right about getting the word out.

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