Monday, January 24, 2011

N'awlans (New Orleans)

Nice drive today...along we got into Alabama, specifically Mobile, we encountered our first was a shorty, but you still get a little nervous going through, seeing those curving walls seeming to hug the motor home...what if you got a flat tire in the tunnel? Then what? Well, the tunnel was not long at all, and it was a welcoming sight (as it is any time) to see the "light at the end of the tunnel"....[groan, says E. -- and everybody else reading this blog!]

Already had my first introduction to the correct way to say things down here...went to get a pop at the clubhouse bar at Pontchartrain Landing, where we are stopping for two days, and I was instructed to NOT say, "What kind of pop do you have?" But "What kind of Coke do you have?" All pop is called Coke, no matter whether it's Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Coke, Sprite, etc. You say you want a Coke, and then they ask what kind!? I'm a Coke fiend, full bore, no diet on this one, so I already like New Orleans! OK, I better get my list out to understand what people are talking about down here...the list is just the tip of the iceberg, and I'll bet there are tons of things not on this introductory list of Louisiana talk.
our site at Pontchartrain Landing
view on one side of the channel
View on another side of the park, much better!
Pontchartrain Landing has a great looking website...but the park itself is very plain...all gravel roads and sites...decent little showerhouse/restrooms. It's on the Navigational Canal, but the view from many angles is of abandoned warehouses across the canal, and bridge construction. A few sites have views of the boat/shipyard which is a nicer view on the channel. This is a newer park and it's gated, making this a secure place to stay. The great thing is, it's only 11 minutes to the French Quarter and Bourbon Street and the rates are very reasonable to be this close to the city. Free wi-fi, (but it's not working!) free cable. With the Passport of America rate, it's 33.00 a night, and of course, more, if you were here during Mardi Gras. They even rent houseboats here. It looks to us as though they are continuing to make improvements and add things. The staff is really friendly and they offer discounts for the tours if you book through the campground office.
Pontchartrain Park on a rainy day
So tomorrow, we are going into New Orleans to take a combined Hurricane Katrina/Super City tour...should be VERY interesting! Even if it does rain all day, which it is supposed to do...We'll tell you all about it later.....until then......

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  1. The French Quarter is beautiful. You will want to take lots of pictures. Some of the old homes in New Orleans are also breath-taking. Have fun. Looking forward to picture.