Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This and That

Just a couple more days in the Leavenworth area...we went to town today to use our air card and cell phones, it's so discouraging at the campsite to try and talk to anybody or get any information off the web at the park! Cell phone signals go in and out, in and out. Internet isn't much better. Air card works better directly in the computer. Our router is down, so we'll have to share the air card back and forth.

We visited the Munchen Haus for the best brats for lunch today, the line was out the door and down the street part way, so you know it's great German food. We listened to an accordian player put a yodeling spin on some modern songs over at the bandshell, which was interesting! Then we looked around the town one more time. We love the look of the town and the interesting store fronts. Most of them have paintings or frescoes on them.

This little toddler stopped to listen to the music and was enchanted by the yodeling....

I'd like to visit the Cheesemonger one more time...I resisted today but plan on going back before we leave...(And what is all that white and yellow stuff in the fridge? demands E.) Help yourself, honey...cheese keeps for a LONG time, and besides this is really different stuff you can't buy in the stores....

We'll visit Charlie one more time, rather he's going to visit us tomorrow night for great pizza at a local tavern at our neck of the woods--Headwaters Bar and Grill...and off we go Wednesday morning on our major haul to Arizona....

Since tomorrow is a travel day, we might not have anything to say for the blog..(Sparky, you ALWAYS have something to say! says E.)   So-o-o-o, we MIGHT not have a blog posting...but then again, look for us and see....we probably will....I sure will miss Charlie, but I know we will get to visit again....thanks for everybody concerned about my leg...it's a LOT better today....no pain...weird...It's heck getting older, isn't it?   Sigh!  See you on the road!

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  1. I loved your posts and pics about Leavenworth. My Great Grandfather immigrated from German, so I love German Heritage. . .can't wait to get there to see it for myself. . .great job!