Thursday, July 28, 2011

One of THOSE Days...

The drive to Washington today was uneventful...the tire pressure monitor didn't go off, we didn't have any problems with the rig, we got fairly decent gas mileage, 9.4, going from Mountain Home Idaho to Plymouth, WA., a distance of about 328 miles traversing highway 84, then highway 82....Eldy is going to slow down for the next few days, in fact, he's not even going to be driving the rig! (WHOOPEE!) Eldy's over here doing the "Happy Dance" right now....We're going to sit tight for a whole WEEK. (E. says, IF Sparky can sit that long!)

Well, it was one of those days, because.....when we pulled into the pull through lane at the park (more about the park tomorrow) which was horizontal to the main road we came down on, Sparky didn't notice that the lane was just a teeny bit narrower than the normal pull throughs at most parks. So I got Eldy situated to what I thought was a great position for the utilities...Put down the wooden block pads, put down the levelers, hook up the water, hook up the sewer and the electric...(And Sparky, says E., I want you to stand outside the living room slide and make sure we have enough room that when the slides come out, we won't bump the electrical box)...No worries, mate! We've got PLENTY of room for the big slide to come out...Actually, I didn't say so, but I was not so sure we were going to be able to get the slide all the way out...Eldy starts the slide...Further and further out it came, and about five inches short of being all the way out, I yelled, "STOP!!!!" The slide was going to hit the box. RATS! We had to pull in the slides, disconnect the electric, water and sewer, and start all over again. I pulled out the wooden pads and Eldy backed up the motorhome. He relocated it so we would not hit the electric meter.  He let the air out, (the air bags in a diesel pusher) and the levelers started their noise to come down....Oh, NO! I forgot to put the wooden block pads under the levelers! I'm sure I looked like  a one-man Keystone Cops show, you know, those goofy silent antics, fast paced movies (from the twenties-- for you younger kids)...I was running around the rig with my fire poker that we use to position the leveling blocks, jabbing at the blocks, running to the next one, trying to get all four in place before the levelers started coming down. I'd run to one, bend over, look under, poke and push, and run to the next one. I ran so fast I ran around the rig twice! The neighbors across the street were laughing their butts off, I'm sure. They must have thought we were newbies! We got everything straightened out, and settled in....

Next, it was dinner time, time to fire up the grill for baked potatoes and marinated flat iron steak...(Yep, you heard that right, Sparky is actually cooking us dinner tonight! says, E., flabbergasted.) I was a little bit in a hurry to get the fire lit and work a load of laundry down at the laundry room at the same time, riding my bike back and forth between our site and the laundry room. (Note to self: don't try to multitask when you are tired!) (And-- doesn't this sound like an ADD adult to you? asks Eldy.) I struck the match too close to my shirt, a pretty pink one, a NEW one--and darned if I didn't singe the shirt with the match head, and I honestly thought it was going to start burning!--a fluke, for sure! I ran into the RV and splashed water on myself.  Arrrrrrgghhh!  Ok, we get through dinner, I'm gonna sit down under the tree where there is some shade and relax...maybe catch up on some blogs....SPLAT!!!!

A bird SHIT on my shirt!   UGH!  EWWWWWW! I ran into the house to change...Eldo is looking bewildered. His beloved is upset, cranky, and fussing about her shirt. He tries to tell me it doesn't look so bad, but the burn mark is not repairable. Let's see, did anything else go wrong today? Oh, yeah! I hit my head on the slide, hard, looking for the matches to start the fire with! But, no blood..I'm ok.....just frustrated! and tired....time to call it a night....

What, no photos?! Well, Eldy would have gotten mad if I had whipped out my camera to show how close we came to hitting the electrical box....and I would have grossed myself out to take a photo of my shirt with the bloody bird poop on it and the nasty burn mark, so geez, what else can I show you? How about a nice photo of Eldy and my sister, Lyle from Sedona?  Yeah, that's the ticket...OK, Sparky,  now breathe deep....and SLOW DOWN.....Everything's going to be ok...soothes E. (He's good for me, says Sparky. He helps me keep my blood pressure down when I get wound up!) Tomorrow will be a better day......It's beautiful at this park we are at...wait till you see it! And it's 12.00 a day!
Eldy and my sister, Lyle in Sedona


  1.'re not on vacation, so you don't need to get it all done at once. That "multi-tasking" thing? *pah* give it up! Not worth the grief.
    Some further reading on one of the verbs you used. Learn something every day...

  2. I was literally "laughing out loud." YOU are a great writer!

    And yes, I agree, it's the pits to be the RV Parks entertainment. . .we had one of those days too. . .like to have NEVER got our rig backed into this spot. You would have thought we had never backed up in our life. . .oh well, just one of those things.

    Glad you and Eldy are relaxing for a few. . .


  3. I know all about "one of those days". But have to admit that I laughed out loud by the time I got to the bird poop. Poor you! But a great photo of Eldy and your sister.