Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Everybody's High in Jerome!

They really are! The town is 5,200+ feet in elevation, so that makes all the inhabitants of this town high up!  It's built on top of a hill, Cleopatra Hill and is located between Prescott and Flagstaff. It's a former bustling, mean as a snake, rip roaring copper mining town that went bust years ago and has reinvented itself as tourist attraction. First they billed themselves as a historic ghost town, and now it's a tourist magnet and an artistic community.
Remains of the Bartlett Hotel
Half the town looks like it's falling down and doomed for demolition, the rest of it is a delight to walk up and down the hilly streets wandering in and out to see what the different shops have to offer. The town reminded us of a mini San Francisco due to the steep streets and switchbacks leading to shops and back alleys. Prostitution used to be a big deal here, and there are historical signs all over the place telling you the history of buildings and locations in town. Jerome has a LOT of character....It also has mine tours and WONDERFUL places to eat and shop. When you look at the outsides of the buildings, you get the impression that there isn't much there, but walk inside one of the shops and you are transported into high quality wares of all kinds--pottery, copper, rugs, jewelery, wine, and so much more. The shop interiors are gorgeous!

After browsing a bit, we got hungry.....

Quince Grill and Cantina Restaurant 

We just took a chance and walked into a Mexican restaurant called Quince Grill and Cantina to get a bite to eat. The inside was bright and festive and the food was fresh and amazing! I had a wonderful salad with black beans, slivers of tostada chips, corn, shredded lettuce, onions, cheese, tomatoes, cilantro, and chipotle ranch dressing. Eldy had tacos with shredded beef, green rice that was incredible and some more beans...It's making my mouth water just to remember it!

Yum! If Jerome wasn't 20 miles away, I'd head out there again!  Eldy is just sighing, because he's really not a fan of Mexican food, and I don't know what possessed him to choose this place, but he sure was a peach for trying it. He knows I love it, so he'll endure it now and then. He actually liked his food, but once in awhile is enough for him for Mexican food. Me, I could eat it every day! He's always asking me when I'm going to start speaking Spanish! Any day now, muchisimo!  :-)  (I hope that's Spanish for sweetheart worries E.)  :-)

With family coming in tonight, the hustle and bustle starts! Half the family is off on a "pink jeep" tour, and we're not sure what the other half is doing for tomorrow...(sounds like us!)  We are not going on the pink jeep tour, we are going to go on a cowboy cookout and trail ride tomorrow. We'll let you know how both of them were....see you on the trail!


  1. A sweetheart would be called a novio, somewhat like a boyfriend. Muchismio means a "lot". Maybe you should call him mi amor. My love.

    We visited Jerome a few years ago and found it very interesting. Not sure I would want to take a 40ft motorhome around those streets though.

  2. Can't wait to find out what a "PINK jeep" tour is. Hope it isn't hot on your trial ride. What is the temperature there now??

  3. Sounds wonderful! Wish I was there---again!