Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Last Day at Evergreen Coho in Chimacum, WA

Lake Crescent, on the way to Hoh Rainforest
I'm bracing myself for the heat....("Oh, brother! Lord, help me", pleads E.)  Honey, I'm gonna practice NOT saying anything about the heat for the next few days where we're heading tomorrow, Leavenworth, Washington...it's in the high 80's and 90's over there because it's on the OTHER side of the mountains and it's just going to get hotter as we head south towards Arizona after that. But FIRST things first...a week's visit to my youngest of three brothers, Charlie....a terrifically witty guy with the best sense of humor ever. After being divorced and single for a few years, he's engaged to a wonderful lady, Kris, and they are very happy together. We're happy for him, too! Can't wait to see them! Photos forthcoming in the next few days....for now, it's leftovers, above and below-- sorry! Here are a few from our boat trip to the San Juan Islands yesterday and some from Port Townsend, a cool town within about 8 miles of our RV park.
Friday Harbor at the ferry landing in the San Juan Islands, WA
Our last day here, and guess what, folks? We're not hiking, we're not exploring, we're not traveling to a cool state park, we're sitting here in our spot at Evergreen Coho. Eldy is washing and waxing the coach, and I'm giving him encouragement and telling him what a great job he is doing! ( I do the car)....I'm straightening up things inside, cleaning out the cupboards and rearranging my yarn supplies to maximize space. (Uh-h-h-h, does this mean room for MORE yarn?) Nope...just cleaning and reorganizing things and finding stuff I didn't know we had...like a brand spankin' new Samsung cheapy flip phone that I bought from AT & T last year in case my iphone went dead, which it did a couple of days ago, totally kaput and it was non-repairable said the Apple store. Well, we went to AT & T and I bought a new, cool Motorola Atrix 4 phone which is technically beyond me at the moment and also bought an extra Samsung phone IDENTICAL to the one sitting at home buried behind something in the motorhome cupboard in case the new phone crashes at some point in the future. Are you with me?  I thought not, I'm confused myself....At any rate, I have two identical Samsung phones and will now take one of the Samsung phones and put it up for sale on Amazon and hope to get something for it. Ever buy something and get home and find you already have the exact same thing? That happens more often than I care to admit! (And WHAT ELSE do we have TWO of? Eldo wants to know...) Just a magazine or two, hon, and a duplicate payment to my car insurance company last month...and.....(Never mind, ignorance is bliss...says E.)

Well, I did want to leave you with a couple more things about Port Townsend, WA....I said it's a cool town, and it really is...did I mention the neat active working boatyard that's open to the public? I guess last year they had Winston Churchill's yacht in the boat yard being worked on.  Did I mention the Diva Yarn shop on the main street in town that's connected to the beading place that's connected to the embellishment fibers place, that's connected to the vintage clothing store? (Now THAT's BIG TIME TROUBLE for us. Thank goodness she only went one time to the yarn shop! says E.) Yeah, but you can do a LOT of damage in about a half an hour. JUST KIDDING! JUST KIDDING, hon! And then, there's the vintage hardware store that has all the coolest antique lighting, brass and fixtures for your home...Lots more cool things about Port Townsend...we didn't make it to the harbor town of Port Angeles, we'll have to save that for our next trip out west to the coast and the fabulous states of Oregon and Washington. We still have the Columbia Gorge waiting for us to come and see.....and so much more.....see you on the road tomorrow!
Port Townsend Vintage Hardware

By the way....it was my goal to write a post every single day for the first year of our full timing. I did manage to do that, sometimes even two! and now I feel that maybe I should cut back just a little--like post every other day. I'm still going to shoot for every day, but don't be surprised if you start seeing posts every other day occasionally. Having said that, I'll still try for a daily blog. (Sparky, you're being wishy washy again!) Yeah, I know, it's my ADD.... I put pressure on myself to write an interesting blog, and sometimes I make Eldy go and do stuff with the idea we gotta have something to write about in the blog! But gosh---it's not realistic to expect that to happen every day! And so.....There ya be....The blog is what it is, according to Sparky and Eldo.

My personal favorite--the Pumpty Dumpty boat, you can guess what that's for!


  1. You could always do a photo post on the days you need to rest. Or just do two posts and date one for the next day. I love your location of late. My daughter will be going to The Evergreen State College in Olympia in the fall and it will be our first RV trip too.

  2. This happens to me more than I care to admit. Thought I needed something, bought it, come home, and already have it. You aren't alone, believe me.

  3. You're bracing for the heat? Everyone has been complaining about it and we've had wonderful cool weather. We were recently at Lake Crescent and Port Townsend and hoping to go back there next month. We have many unfinished things to do such as Fort Casey on Whidbey Island and the San Juan Island cruise.

    Your blog has been fun since we're currently in the same area.

    Travel safe!