Monday, July 18, 2011

Birthday Girl

Woke up this morning another year older...I don't feel 61 at all. Let me qualify that..I don't THINK like a 61 year old, I don't ACT like a 61 year old, but my body feels like I'm over 60 on quite a few days. Aches and pains just come with getting older, but I'm doing my darndest to ignore them and soldier on! Gotta keep moving those joints and bones or I'm gonna come to a screeching halt one of these days....At our last campground in Kanab, we met a couple who were in fantastic shape...Nancy and John, work campers at the park. I don't think they had an ounce of fat on either one of them. They work hard at keeping in shape and from talking to them, I think they are very strict about what they ice cream was one caveat. (No ice cream????? Don't think I could do that one, says E.) They were inspirational to me, but not enough that I have to have certain things in my diet every day and can't do without, like a Coke for breakfast....not diet, regular, full bore Coke. I know, it's bad for me, but that's my "coffee" in the morning....sometimes it's hard to keep fit while traveling, depending on what's available around you, safety on the bike, terrain, etc. I do ride my bike, I keep small weights handy for little exercises now and then, we hike, and sometimes I use fitness rooms if a park has them. Some people have a Wii in the motorhome, but we don't....motivation is the biggest drawback to keeping a fitness routine while on the road. (E. says, you're telling me!)
one view coming into Sedona
So, what do you want to do today on your birthday, Sparky? asks E. He knows I like to make a big deal over's a very special day to me.  I want to CELEBRATE, CELEBRATE, dance to the music........(cue the Kool and the Gang song)  and you better not forget my birthday, or I'm gonna pout! Well, Sparky says let's go to Sedona this afternoon and preview the town for the family coming in soon. So we did. Sedona is about 20 miles from Camp Verde, the town we are staying in...Unfortunately, the weather decided to do a quick change, as it often does around mountains, and Sedona got a healthy dose of rain, more like a downpour which set the "flash flood" warnings out on the weather channels. We stayed in town long enough to see the beautiful red rock canyons and mountains surrounding the town, looked around briefly and had a great birthday dinner at the Cowboy Club Grille and Spirits tavern, then we headed back home. We'll be back to Sedona tomorrow...going to have to figure out what kinds of things are available for tours--there are so many jeep tours and other types of tours, it's mind boggling AND expensive. And of course, we hope to visit the Grand Canyon. All in about 4 days with lots of family members wanting to do different things...should be fun!  See you later!


  1. Happy Birthday Jeannie!!
    How about the Grand Canyon Railroad, from Williams, AZ (Route 66) to the Grand Canyon? It was a blast! There is a three hour layover to visit the Grand Canyon before you head back, just enough to wet your whistle!!
    Sedona is a beautiful town. We love the Red Rock area! Enjoy your family time!!

  2. Happy Birthday Jeannie!!! From the picture, you look like you are doing great (nice smile). Staying happy and keep moving is the motto we try to live by. Not always easy, but those words do tend to help with those pesky aches and pains.


  3. Happy Birthday Jeannie!! Great picture of you.
    and of the Red Rock. I missed Sedona on this trip but it's definitely on the schedule for next time in Arizona.

    Too bad the clan couldn't be there to make it a huge party for you.....why don't you REbirthday when they get there?

  4. Happy Birthday. You don't look like 61 either. My favorite part of Sedona is Oak Creek Canyon to the north and Slide Rock State Park, if I want to get wet.

  5. Happy Birthday. Sedona sure is a beautiful area. Went there some years back with my sister.

  6. Thanks everybody! We'd love to do the train, but we'll see what family comes up with. Sedona is an amazing place, you guys are right!