Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lovely Leavenworth

We met Charlie in downtown Leavenworth today, to walk around and see the shops. The whole town is styled like the Bavarian Alps in Europe. It's so well designed that people who visit from abroad feel right at home in Leavenworth. They even expect the shopkeepers to speak German! Leavenworth was a robust logging town at one time, and when that died, the active townspeople came up with a plan to make this a tourist mecca by providing quality shops in the architecture reminiscent of a town in the Alps in Europe. This town is a lot like Frankenmuth, Michigan, but we thought it was a lot nicer! The shops are beautiful, and stocked with above average merchandise in most places, not the usual tourist "junk". There are carriage rides and of course, an organ grinder....

We had a wonderful lunch with Charlie at one of the top taverns in town, called the Munchen..great name!...delicious brats, German potato salad, hot dogs and 12 kinds of mustard to choose from to put on your brat along with all the other fixings! This restaurant is so popular, the same owners opened a microbrewery down the street.

After lunch, we decided to stop over at Charlie's fiance's house, she lives just about a block off the town center. Charlie had left his car there, so he says he's going to ride with us. Now, most full time RVers have their tow car full to the brim of STUFF that you can't fit in the motorhome, or think you are better off storing in the car, like two sets of golf clubs, an assortment of coats, hats, tote boxes and miscellaneous other stuff that I'm not sure of what it is, I just know the car is buried from the front seat backs almost to the ceiling. Eldy and I look at each other and laughed, because we know we're gonna have to move all the stuff from one side of the car to the other, and then put one of the passenger seats back up so my tall brother, over 6 foot tall, can ride with us. We don't mind doing that at all, it's just going to take awhile! Charlie opens up the car, there's a brief pause, and then he says, "No problem, I can fit in here. " I'm protesting that he should get in the front, but nope! He folds himself up like a pretzel and we ride the block to Kris's house. Here's Charlie, crammed into the back seat. (Yeah, but is he going to be able to get OUT?) Yep, he did!

Charlie can be very silly.....he sure is a lot of fun to be around....Tomorrow we're going to visit Charlie, his finance, Kris and her kids and head out on a lake in the area to celebrate one of her daughter's birthdays...I think we're going to maybe go tubing! See you tomorrow!

                                                        I sure love my brother Charlie!


  1. Maybe that was a "Freudian slip", but you might want to go back and change "finance" to "fiancée"?
    Only a guess.

  2. Must be wonderful to have such a great brother. Excellent picture of you both.
    And two engagements. Double wedding????