Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bushed in Bushnell?

I can't really say that...It was a short drive from Cedar Key to Bushnell, FL...about two and a half hours...We're staying at the Breezy Oaks RV Park in Bushnell for three days. We're on a scouting mission to find places for approximately month long stays for January, February, and March in the Sunshine state. Eldy's not tired after a short trip like that!
semi after semi after semi--sigh!
Breezy Oaks is conveniently located within 1.9 miles of interstate 75....What they don't tell you is, although it's 1.9 miles from the exit to the campground. By the time you've driven back to the campground, you are a  hop, skip, and a jump to the interstate which is right in the backyard of the campground. That = LOTS of road noise, IF you are on the sites near the highway. We were on #83. There were only two sites closer to the highway than us. It was loud even with all the windows closed.....BUT---12.50 a night, you can't beat the rate for full hookups and 50 amp. Sites are a little tight and close together, but this is Florida...Park staff is super nice, they have karaoke here...(Did I tell you Sparky likes to karaoke? mentions E. innocently.) Well, yes, but only after quite a bit of wine, and only after the bulk of the audience has left and called it a night..... :-)

AHEM! About the park.......Here are a couple of photos of Breezy Oaks.....above and below....
Breezy Oaks main road thru park

After settling in the first day, we looked at Paradise Oaks Golf and RV Resort in Bushnell.....nice park, modern looking clubhouse, spacious sites, very few trees except at the back of the park.  The golf was a little on the questionable side. It advertises a "9 hole executive golf course". The course is a year old, but it didn't look in very good shape. It seemed like a very short chipping and putting type of course. Rates are 600.00 monthly, 240.00 weekly, and 46.00 daily....Main attractions for this area are listed as: Dade Battlefield, Croom Motorcyle Area (???), Withlacoochee River, Lake Pansoffkee for bass fishing, VFW Post, American Legion Post, and the Webster Flea Markets on Mondays....

We also checked out the Blueberry Hill RV park which is right across the parking lot from the Walmart in Bushnell...Nice place also...parking lot feel...rows and rows of sites all out in the open, no trees to speak of. Nice facilities and people speak highly of it on RV Park Reviews, if we remember right.

Another really nice park is the Sumter Oaks RV Park...It's an Escapees Park in Bushnell and one of the nicest we've seen....We'll definitely come back to that one...We chose Breezy Oaks instead for the rate while we're here, but the grounds and sites are a lot prettier at Sumter Oaks Escapees....

We saved the best for last---Florida Grand Motor Coach RV Resort....and the photos will have to wait because Sparky didn't take any except for one heading out of the park after a tour! Too busy gawking at the place! This is a luxury motorcoach RV resort in Webster, but further out in the county. Twenty thousand foot clubhouse, billiards room, hobby room, activities, crafts, outings, a knitting group--woo-hoo! very nice pool, huge lots...monthly rate is 650.00 a month, 210.00 a week....They bring in entertainment on a regular basis, the park is huge and paved all over for lots of bike riding, it backs up against a preserve and it's quiet and peaceful..Sparky was sold on the place when she saw two sandhill cranes come walking through a site to check out a crane lawn ornament. Once they saw it wasn't their type, they left!

The park is busy in the month of January for the Tampa RV show, 80% full they said....Looks like we might be staying there in January! See you later.....Tomorrow is our last day here, and Sparky is going to check out the Dade Battlefield State Park in Bushnell. We'll see you at the park....


  1. You made me giggle.
    Once upon a time, when my darling wife thought she'd give "tent camping" a try, we booked into a "Conservation Area" a couple hour's drive from out place.
    Got a nice site waaay in the back, only to discover that we were maybe a couple hundred yards from the road we had just been on!
    Not that there was that much traffic, but it was an intersection.
    Of course, once the traffic died down, there were cows across the way that bellowed pretty much the whole night long.
    Should have brought earplugs!

    Those cranes look like they're on a skating rink, but since it's Florida, I'm guessing it's just wet. None of that frozen stuff, unless it's orange juice.

  2. We had that same problem with an interstate view in Indiana I think it was. Thought we would be far away as we drove to the campground only to end up looking right at it. We'd thought we would stay 3 nights since it was a PPA park but nope.

  3. Looks like you're fairly close to the Withlacochee Trail, a great paved bike trail. Very rural, flat, and many, many miles long.

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