Monday, November 7, 2011

Cavernous Cave City, KY

The night before we get ready to leave for a new destination, neither one of us sleeps very well usually. We start to get excited about heading off to new destinations and adventures!

We left early this morning to get a good start on the Sunday traffic. Eldo drove seven hours and 365 miles today! Time out for two gas stops, one with propane. We are at Singing Hills RV Park and Campground, two miles from Mammoth Cave and a bunch of other caves. It's an older park, but run by a VERY nice, friendly couple. The manager's first name is Eldon, same as my honey's! I asked him if we could get an additional discount for having such an unusual name, but Passport America is all we could get. ;-) We chose 50 amp service, full hookup for 16.00 a night. Being it's an older park, we feel that sometimes 30 amp service is not up to snuff in these older campgrounds and we've had a couple of experiences where it wasn't. Thirty amp was only 2.00 cheaper, so not much of a difference. This is not a big rig friendly park. It's a wide turn coming into the campground with a tow, we'd recommend unhooking before pulling into this small campground. Turning into sites and driving around through the campground is somewhat narrow. But you don't have to worry about big trees or low branches, so that's a plus. We didn't unhook our tow, so it can be done, driving with the tow. Sites seem to be uneven in many cases, so getting leveled might be a little bit of a challenge. As the campground is not busy, we got one of the best sites there, #37. Nice and flat...speedy wifi...good TV channels for antenna reception. The park has some old mobile homes interspersed around the sites, making it not so pretty, but hey--it's a nice overnight or couple of days stay for the money.

Nice view out our living room windows---a barn, a field, and horses and donkeys grazing!

We're off to see Mammoth Cave National Park today and maybe Diamond Caverns. Both of us have not seen the caves since we were in our twenties--that was EONS ago!  We'll explore the area a bit as well. There are antique stores here, the usual kitschy souvenir places and a little mom and pop steak restaurant....See you later!


  1. Oh I loved Mammoth Cave!! I know you will too.

  2. We too had a great time at Mammoth Cave. Enjoy the area.

  3. In 1973, I walked my 8 year old nephew and my 6 year old niece seven miles in Mammoth Cave. After supper that evening my niece looked at me and said 'Can we go to bed now?'. I almost fell out of my chair.


  4. i too wake up a wee bit earlier on moving days... when we both are in Florida we shall attempt to meet up as our December stay will be in Bonita Springs near Naples...

  5. Last time we visited Mammoth Cave we also took the tour of the nearby Corvette factory. Didn't think I would care for the tour but it was really interesting.

  6. We have never been to Mammoth Cave, will have to add it to our bucket list. We did Carlsbad Caverns when out west last winter and it was great!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

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