Monday, November 21, 2011

Emmaus RV Park, Summerdale, AL

Here we are at the best deal going in the Gulf Shores area, WE think! As I mentioned yesterday, Emmaus RV Park honors the Passport America rate for as long as you want to stay--a day, a week, a month. Fourteen dollars a day includes electric and all taxes! We are Escapees members, but the Escapee park in Summerdale is parking on grass and the atmosphere is just a little different...Electric is extra at the Escapees park, but not at Emmaus. There are lots of trees at the park, but it's light and airy, not dark. You can see the beautiful trees both in the top photo and on our site with Eldy.

Emmaus is a pretty little park located on CR 38 in Summerdale, Alabama. Full hookups, great water pressure. Mi-fi works great, AT & T phones are one to two bars. No pool for now, small little laundry, a clubhouse...layout of the park is very different, sort of like little cul de sacs....winding and slightly curvy. Not a problem for big rigs, but turning radius is a little tight as you move around in a big rig, getting situated to your site. Definitely would suggest unhooking at the front entrance before heading to your site. All sites are back in sites, but easy to negotiate...all concrete pads and roads all around the park mean no tracking in debris! Sparky is happy about that after battling grit and sand and dirt from previous campgrounds! So far, 33 (?) sites are ready for RVers...many more sites are coming in additional phases. This is the best kept secret around as we had no problems getting into the park, plenty of space available!

When we first got here, we headed for site 128, because it had a nice ring of trees around it. Unfortunately, there were limbs going up against the slides, and there was no way we were going to be able to put our slides out. We thought about moving a site or two down, which was a lot more devoid of trees but we really liked our site! The management was not there, but another resident at the park gave me the manager's phone number. I called, and she said if we were willing to wait a bit and we wanted to keep our site, she'd send her hubby over in a couple of hours (they were in another town) so we said ok. But within a half an hour, here came her husband and a couple of guys and a cute little guy to take care of business.

We thought they would just trim a few limbs and that would be it...Nope! They sawed, they hacked, they took out an entire young tree! Wow! That's service!

Next door, behind the fence are a couple of cows and sheep...They came over to the fence to check things out and say hello....This is not a farm, they just have a few animals, no smell at all that we've noticed, and only an occasional "MOO-ing" and an even more occasional "BA-A-A-A-H!"

The staff is super friendly, the neighbors are all super friendly....Within minutes of setting up, people walking their dogs came by and said hello and introduced themselves.  Very, very nice people in the park.....You can't beat that southern hospitality. We really love this park and it's close to Mobile, Pensacola and Gulf Shores. Tomorrow, we head out to explore the surrounding area and try some local cuisine. Oysters here we come! For Eldo, NOT Sparky! :-)

P.S. A couple of people asked about pickleball. It's a terrific, fun game that is easier on older bodies--think shortened up tennis game and a cross between ping-pong, badmintion, and tennis. Here's a link to a blog post I did about pickleball. There's another post I did when we were at Casa Grande at Palm Creek, but will have to find it. Pickleball was HUGE there, big tournaments, many many courts devoted to the sport.


  1. I'm from Mobile . . .Wentzels Oyster House (and seafood and meat as well) over there is one of the best places to eat. The specialty of the house (besides the oysters of course) is the Deep Fried Dill Pickles . . .even I like these and I don't think much of dill pickles normally.

    There are several restored plantation mansions near Mobile . . .Bellingraph Gardens is the cream of the crop.

  2. That looks like a great RV park. We saw it listed in the PA book but went to the Escapees park just because we had never stayed there before. We will definitely go there instead next time we're in that area.

  3. So which one is the cute little guy?? :)

  4. WOW they cut down a small tree to accomodate you rather than ask you to move into a site that was a better fit? Now that's accomodating!

    Are you considering this place for a long term stay this year or next year??

    Tell Eldy to be sure and eat PLENTY of oysters for me. Yum Yum Yum!!