Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Frisbee and Friends

Sparky went off to South Bend this afternoon one more time before leaving Elkhart to see her best teacher friend of 30+ years, Jeannie. Eldy stayed home and worked on the outside of the rig. He sure is a sweetie about doing without the car for an long afternoon so Sparky can visit her friends. But first, Sparky had to pay a visit to Rum Village city park to play 18 holes of frisbee golf. It's a hilly course with LOTS of trees. She used to play there about three times a week when she lived in South Bend years ago and she really loves the park. It's gotten a little run down over the years, the tee signs on the course need replacing. The park itself has beautiful nature trails that are for hiking only, and the trees are gorgeous this time of year.

There was an unexpected obstacle on hole #4 at the course! Luckly, Sparky's disc missed the deer. It had been there a couple of days, the flies were in force on the carcass.

Sparky went through the rest of the course pretty quickly....she didn't lose her disc in the leaves, which were considerably dense and thick on many parts of the course...However, the park department was busy blowing the leaves into huge piles, which really helped her NOT lose her disc today! THIS was a close call!
Sparky had fun kicking her way through the leaves today, just like she used to do when she was a kid! And she played well today, making par on LOTS of holes! She was in the GRO-O-O-V-E!

This squirrel wisely stayed high up in the tree so he wouldn't get hit by Sparky's errant flying disc!

Time to meet Jeannie for an early supper! Carmela's Restaurant in South Bend, down by the East Raceway...Italian, a moderately priced restaurant, with a terrific bakery and Italian goods for sale like herb infused dipping oil, pasta and pastries. It used to be the old Macri's Deli before it changed hands. Excellent food...the grilled chicken with rosemary cream sauce was absolutely delicious!

(Boy, I wish Sparky could cook like that! says a wistful E.) Sparky does, too!  :-)  We'll see what kind of meal she comes up with tomorrow night! (Hahahahhaha....) Eldy's laughing because we are joining his friends for dinner tomorrow night! Sparky isn't cooking AGAIN.....But that meal at Carmela's inspired me to try....(E. says, "I'll believe it when I see it".)  Time to say goodbye for now.....A couple of cool things planned for our last few days here in Elkhart...Stay tuned!
Fall at Rum Village Park, South Bend, IN


  1. Boy if you learn to cook that delicious looking food, I want to volunteer to test taste it for you!!

    Wish someone could have gotten a picture of your golf form for those of us who are serious "duffers".

  2. That is a kind of golf hazard you do not see to often!

  3. I am so terrible at that game! I need a ton of practice. Love walking through the leaves. The sounds are neat to hear. Enjoy your last few days.