Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mammoth Cave National Park

We drove over to Mammoth Cave National Park today to check out the visitor center and get some information about the different cave tours. It's such a beautiful park that we felt it needs a couple of days for exploring. Sparky was sold after seeing a deer at the side of the road in broad daylight munching away and all the bike trails that could be seen on the way in....

We found out that there are TWO full hookups at the campground, with no camp hosts scheduled there and they are first come, first served. Even if for some reason, the two hookups get taken, we are going to boondock at the Mammoth Cave National Park for the next two days to experience this wonderful park. We drove around the park today, checking out the campground...They have LOTS of pull throughs ample enough for big rigs like us (40 ft.) and the navigation around the campground appears relatively easy, even with a tow. The only drawbacks at this time of year are the leaves covering all the asphalt pads, so you can't see the ground dirt from the pavement, you just have to kind of guess where it is, or get the broom out before pulling in. There are LOTS of bike paths for Sparky to ride her bike, hiking paths, and a cool old little ferry that crosses the Green River. We asked the guy running the ferry, "What's on the other side?" And he said in a thick, Kentuckian drawl, "Y'all won't see much!" So guess we don't need to ferry our car or ourselves over to the other side!

There are nine tours that you can take through Mammoth Caves. Prices range from 5.00 to 48.00 depending on how easy to strenuous you want your cave experience to be. With a senior/Golden Age Pass, the tours prices are cut in half, which is a GREAT deal! Sparky wanted to do a STRENUOUS tour, which was dumb, because her left knee is bothering her. (Somehow, I don't think 400 stair steps along with some significant elevation change is a good idea, do you? wonders E.) Sigh! I suppose he's right...so we are going to do the Historical Tour, which is a little less demanding, the day after tomorrow when rain is in the forecast. Might as well be underground than above!  Tomorrow it's going to be in the seventies and sunny, so that will be a great time to explore the bike trails at the park--there are a LOT of them!

We're not sure how the mi-fi will work in the midst of the campground, but we'll get the blog published one way or another! See you at Mammoth Caves tomorrow!


  1. We were right there where you are early in the summer. . .loved it. Enjoy. . .I wrote a blog post about it, if you wanna check it out. . .http://readytogofulltimerving.com/evans-escapadeswe-must-live-a-boring-life/

  2. No fair having the same list as we do! ;) We are still waiting for a call to an express bay. I'll let you know what the trouble is with our water heater. I'm thinking it needs a new gas valve which sells in the store for just under $100. Time will tell. Hoping to get a call today or tomorrow.

  3. Now I know I posted a comment here yesterday. Hmmmm. Maybe it's my phone, I think I did it from there.

    Just to say that Mammoth Cave is GREAT! You'll love it. Snag one of those full hook ups and pretend you are the camp hosts. :-)

    They used to have a headlamp tour where you crawled around in narrow spaces in places no other tour went. Maybe your knee would like crawling better than stairs. :-)

  4. We really enjoyed Mammoth Cave National Park. You are right...need several days to see everything. We like to stop and smell the roses.

  5. We have been there a number of times, it is a fun place. The pictures brought good memories.