Saturday, November 26, 2011

We're in the Keys! ----

NOT!    Does Cedar Key count? No? I didn't think so, but it's very reminiscent of the Florida Keys, that's for sure! We'll show you the actual town later. We left VERY early this morning, like 6:30 AM. (Can you believe I got Sparky up that early?????) We had to drive about 370 miles today, and according to the G.P.S., we needed every bit of daylight to get there before dark to park the rig as we lost an hour crossing a time zone. It wasn't that hard to get me up, once I know that Eldy wants to get an early start, I just tell my brain, "Woman, you've got to get up early, early in the morning, or Eldy's going to be a basketcase when we get there in the dark, and we don't want that, do we?" Nope, nope, and nope! (And you need to add that Sparky gets a little crabby on long driving days and then having to park me in the dark! adds E.) Fair enough!  Yes, I do! ----Sometimes.....

We were headed from Summerdale, AL to the Cedar Key area of Florida, the northwest Gulf coast side of Florida....about a 7 1/2 hour drive counting a gas stop. No problem-o!  Eldy did a great job driving, Sparky did a great job knitting after ripping out a baby bootie six times, and here we are at the Cedar Keys RV Resort, a new resort that opened in April, 2010, I believe.....

Thirty dollars a day, Passport America rate good only for ONE night. They oughta take notes from Emmaus RV Park back in Summerdale, AL, who honors P.A. rate for as long as you want to stay! The park here is quite empty. I'm sure that will change later next month. The rates are 180.00 for the week and $400.00 for the month. The monthly rate is great, but you have to add electric to that and an 11% tax...Still great rates! This park is VERY big rig friendly...There is AWESOME space between sites..There are just a couple of drawbacks...The park is laid out in a typical "Y" slot formation. You have lots of room sideways on each side, but units are at your backside from the next row over. We discovered this evening that that can feel like someone is right on top of you if they have a campfire going--cough! cough! or a T.V.  (That's Sparky with sensitive lungs hacking it out from two campfires going on two sides.)

The other drawback? It's just a little far from the water, about 7 1/2 miles from the Gulf and the little rural town of Cedar Key. There is another little park right across the street from the Cedar Key RV Resort. It's a Passport America park as well.  It's a much older park but the rates across the street at that park are cheaper than this one! We're going to check that one out--Rainbow Country, while we are here for two days.....
Cedar Key RV Resort
Some of the sites have nice trees on them, some of them are out in the open, like ours....We are on site 13, one of 83 sites here.....The rates quoted are for 50 amp, full hookup, laundry, and electric is included in the daily and weekly rates. They have a 4,000 foot clubhouse and a pool. We'll check that out tomorrow...
We are getting closer to the water!  Yay! That's something we both love, and it's just a little harder to find a nice park closer to the water without paying astronomical rates here in Florida....There is an RV park inside the town of Cedar Key, which bills itself as "Florida's #1 Rural Small Town"....That park is called Sunset Isle RV Park, and it does have sites on the water. Unfortunately, everybody (popups, RVs, travel trailers, and a big rig or two), is jammed together in a very small area, and water sites are VERY limited. It looked messy and crowded in there. It would not be easy to get a big rig in there, and they looked quite full. We're going to pass on that one.....We'll see you tomorrow in the harbor town of Cedar Key, a very unique place!


  1. Looks like a lovely park; and that monthly rate sounds like a good deal.

    Your profile doesn't allow email responses, so re: the site we use for our videos when you left a comment. We opted for Vimeo over You Tube because, at the time, YT didn't take HD videos and was limited with file sizes. Also, I like that there's no advertising on Vimeo (for certain account types). Hubby uses iMovie to create the videos and it is easy to upload from there to Vimeo.

  2. remember being in the keys is as much about mindset as it is about location... will tag this park as a possible stay for our trek out west after winter...

  3. WOW...what a HUGE patio area. The sites are lovely. Sometimes we have to take the not-so-great with the GREAT. Enjoy your stay and the wonderful weather.

  4. If you get a change check out Old Pavillion Rv park on Keaton Beach. IF you can get a waterfront site, it's a very nice place. We pulled in forward (had to have extra sewer, water and electric cord) but it was quite a view of the water. There aren't many waterfront sites left though. We were there in April and May and got a nice site. Passport America too..$20 a night!

  5. I just about choked on my hot chocolate when I read we're in the keys. I thought GOOD GRIEF Eldy drove 1000 miles in one day??
    Notice that I didn't think "impossible". :-)

    Looks like a nice park and the monthly rate is great. Could Electric be be more than $100 a month in Florida?? Even $500 a month is nice.

    15 mile bike ride into town and back sounds like great exercise if the roads are safely bikeable.

  6. I love Cedar Key, especially the refuge. When I am in Ocala (where I will be next week!) I often try to get over there and to Manatee Springs as well. Such a special part of Florida.

  7. we stayed there last year in Dec and it was almost empty then. They appear to be struggling even though they have what I think is a much nicer park than the one across the street, which was full when we were there.

    It is an interesting area, enjoy!