Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Special Thanksgiving....

Sparky woke up this morning with a nice surprise from her honey, Eldo...he wanted to cook her breakfast! Now, this is no ordinary deal, believe you me! Eldy has trouble boiling an egg. The last time Sparky had him boiling eggs for deviled eggs, he about let the water boil dry! This man never really learned how to cook. He can make himself an egg sandwich for breakfast, and cold meat sandwiches for lunch or supper, but that's it. No clue in the kitchen, and he's the first to admit it! So a little instruction was in order.

We got out the necessary equipment and Sparky instructed Eldo how to make pancakes based on Aunt Jemima's recipe and Sparky's mother's secret ingredient, just a little bit of melted bacon grease. If you follow the recipe on the box, it makes very thick pancakes. They were too thick for Sparky and Eldo's preference, which is thin pancakes. Eldo wanted to squish the pancakes with the flat spatula to make them flatten out, but Sparky said, "No, no! You can't do that to pancakes!" Eldo wasn't buying that, more than once, he was tempted to just take the spatula and whack 'em down! Sparky had to keep a close eye on him!  The pancakes turned out great and Eldy was happy that he learned something new in the kitchen! Sparky is, too! ('Cuz she hates to cook, reminds E.) Eldy texted his kids with photos of him in the kitchen this morning, and just to show you how little Eldo has ever cooked, here's what his daughter said:
                                          "OMG!  Dad's  cooking!!!!!"

Although we weren't able to be with our families today, we called and talked to everyone either thru Skype, iphone Face Talk, or just the good old fashioned phone call!  My family is in California, Massachusetts, Michigan, Texas and Virginia, and Eldy's family is in Indiana. That's what makes it so hard to get people together for the holidays in our families.....By traveling around the country, we have been able to see our family more often than if we were permanently settled down in one place.

We took it easy today...everything is closed of course, until the madhouse starts this evening and the rest of the weekend, but we don't do any of that....we'll shop online or at small local stores, and we've been shopping for gifts a little here and there on our travels for the family....This afternoon, Emmaus RV Park had a little Thanksgiving dinner for the people staying here this day.....The whole nine yards---smoked turkey, dressing w/gravy, ham, green bean casserole, sweet potato souffle, rolls, cranberries and wine...and they had door prizes! Not quite the same as a family dinner, but this little park feels a little like family with its warmth and friendliness and the small numbers staying this week at the park.....We had a wonderful dinner there, karaoke afterward with lots of laughs all the way around. Sparky tried to get up her nerve to do a song, but didn't quite make it this evening...another time for sure! There were door prizes and we won an admission to the U.S.S. Alabama. We might do that tomorrow!  See you later.....


  1. Someone else does the TG cooking and you win a gift too ... I'm liking this small park. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. With enough "positive reinforcement" I'm sure Eldy will pick up a few more skills in the kitchen. It's a learned skill like everything else.
    Always helps if you get to actually eat the results.

  3. Dad I was so proud of you yesterday when you texted me your picture. I wished I would have been there to try it. They looked really good. I wish I would have had more time when you were home to give you some cooking classes. That way you could impress Jeannie more often. I love when Ted spoils me when I wake up and he is cooking breakfast or come home and dinner is ready. Maybe next time we are together. Love and miss you. Kristi

  4. Way to go Eldy!! You may turn out like David did to be a better cook than your sweetie.