Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What's Going On at Gunter Hill?

Not much. The weekenders have left and the campground is quiet and virtually empty except for the acorns raining down on our rig....But the campground is renovating another section to include full hookups and cement pads. So we're hearing some construction noise just about every day, but it's not too bad. Should be done by January, they said. This year, this campground is open all year, but next year they will close for the winter, and keep one of the other corps parks in Alabama open all winter.

We started to spend another relaxing day at home, maybe think about heading out in the afternoon for downtown Montgomery, when Sparky noticed some tiny little ants crawling around the countertop near the coffee pot...she started mopping them up, then went into the hall bathroom to get some more cleaning supplies, when she saw MORE tiny little brown ants, LOTS more ants....All hell broke loose!  Sparky shrieked, "ELDY! WE'VE GOT ANTS, LOTS OF THEM!!!!" She went out in the living room, and all of sudden, there were HUNDREDS, maybe THOUSANDS of tiny little brown ants crawling along the slide carpet edges. As fast as she could swipe them up, hundreds more came pouring out of the cracks! "OMG! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO??? WE'RE BEING INVADED!!!!!" she shouted. They were EVERYWHERE!!!! Nothing like a few little bugs to get Sparky excited. (Is THAT what it takes???) Eldo, SHUSH! Sparky was busy waging war on the ants. As fast as she could wipe them up, hundreds more came pouring out of every orifice in the motor home--under the engine cowl up by the driver's seat, out from the slide carpet edges, up and down the hallway door frames. "The ants go marching two by two, hurrah! hurrah!" More like a hundred by a hundred!....Sparky was like a demented woman running around the motorhome, swiping surfaces, crushing ants!

Sparky sent Eldo out to get some bug spray just in case the vacuum and cloth war didn't cut it, so he went to the nearest gas station/little general store. He asked some advice of the two genteel southern ladies running the store...They said, "You got ants, honey? Them little brown ones? Them's sugah (sugar) ants. They won't baht (bite) yew!" "Are y'all staying at the campground?" Uh-hunh. Knowing glance exchanged between the two ladies. "Well, this sure is the tahm (time) of year for them!"  He came back with a can of spray and together we went to town on those pesky little ants. They didn't stand a chance between the vacuum and the spray! Who won? The team of Sparky and Eldo! (We think!) So far, so good!

On to Montgomery!  But we'll save that for tomorrow......Gotta have one photo for today, didn't think anybody wanted to see a picture of sugar ants...here's another beautiful part of this campground.....basketball court area.....

See you later!


  1. There's a host of info on the net to help get rid of "hormigos locos", as they were called when we first encountered these sugar ants in Puerto Rico. And, according to Pochy, our pool man/gardener type, they "don't bit (sic) people". So you're safe.
    The goopy stuff that's sold by "Raid" works. It's a syrup that you drip onto little squares of wax paper. They come and take it a back to the nest, if you have one. You'll still see them after you move to another site, since you'll have a few stowaways. Wipe down with a vinegar solution helps too.
    For us everything either went into the fridge or in plastic (Tupperware) containers.
    I've heard (well, read about) people using dryer sheets tied around their water hose and power cord. Of course, I'm not sure what they do about the jacks and tires. Spray maybe?
    I can empathise with Eldo. I know all too well that moment when your darling wife discovers there are ANTS, which is then followed by vacuuming, wiping, spraying, talk of evacuation and general crazyness.

    Have fun!

  2. Hope you don't learn the true meaning of 'ants in the pants'! :)

  3. We have found that putting Comet (or a similar powder cleaner) around your tires and jacks will keep ants out of your rig. We have used this several times and it always worked.

  4. Those little boogers are a nuisance. . .they love my coffee creamer!


  5. Oh how we hate those pesky insects. In Texas, we have lots of BITING LITTLE ants that just dry us nuts.
    Good luck with those miserable creatures.

  6. Oh no ANTS! Ugg they are always so hard for me to get rid of. Hope you don't have that experience. But glad to hear they don't bite. Hmmmm I may have to rethink putting this place on my list. (loved the southern accent. Living in the south, I could hear it in my head)!!