Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bye-Bye Kentucky and Marathon Man

Sparky got up at the crack of dawn this morning, 6:30 AM (E. says that's early for her!) to capture the sunrise playing its light on some Kentucky tobacco barns....You don't see this very often--tobacco leaves hanging to dry.... I need to get up earlier...I love the way the sunlight illuminates objects in the morning. These were taken about 7:00 AM....
I loved this barn on the bottom, the shape is different from all the rest...I'm sure that has something to do with letting air circulate to aid in drying the tobacco leaves....

We enjoyed our visit very much to Mammoth Cave Campground and the caves themselves....I'm sure we will be back to hike the trails the next time around, right honey? (Uh, right, dear!) Speaking of deer, we saw LOTS of deer running around the park while we were here....We didn't see the big buck that one of the campground workers told us about, but the two apples Sparky just happened to forget to eat or bring inside mysteriously disappeared....

I know deer are just so common, what's the point of taking pictures of them? But I still find them pretty! Especially first thing in the morning.....

We left at 8:00 AM this morning and Eldy drove EIGHT HOURS straight--he wanted to get halfway to Gulf Shores, AL and decided if we got an early enough start, we'd be able to get to Montgomery, AL and hooked up before sunset, and we did! He's the Marathon Man of RV fame! Wait till you see the beautiful COE campground we found near Montgomery! We'll tell you all about that tomorrow......See you then!


  1. Great picture of the barns. I got a few myself while we were in KY.

    We were told that these barns are disappearing as the Tobacco purchasers are no longer willing to pay for the traditional drying in the barns, so mist of the farmers are no longer maintaining them. The conditions of most of those we saw seemed to support that information

  2. Super pictures! I could look at deer every day. I think they are so beautiful.
    Hope you enjoy Gulf Shores. We love that area. Let us know or see our blog for some neat places to visit.

  3. Where are you guys staying in Gulf Shores? We are leaving Pensacola tomorrow and planning to spend a couple nights at the Escapees park in Summerdale, AL not far from there.

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