Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Problem Solved--Woo hoo!

We had a great rest last night...up this morning and over to Freightliner, and it was sitting out in the lot, DONE! We had a 6,000 mile service performed as well as an oil change. Well, when we turned in the check sheet, we didn't realize that the transmission fluid and filter were on that list as well! $800.00 later, about $500.00 more than we expected, we are all fixed, oiled, lubed up and tranny perfect. It better be! The problem with the voltage readings was because some ground wires had been painted over! It took them a long time to trace the problem, but they finally got it! Yay! We are good to go, and we are........drum roll please....."On the Road Again".....just as we rolled out of the parking lot, DING! "What the hell was that?" "I don't know!" "Oh, it was the exhaust brake ding...we're ok..."

The snow is spitting, the wind is really rockin' us while we are going down the road, but Eldy wants to get as far south as he can today...looks like we might be spending the night in a Wally World...we'll report back in later....ok, it's later...we've been on the road, heading on I-65 South towards Louisville. The snow abated, so Eldy is feeling a little more comfortable. I'm nervous about the car battery, although we had it checked out yesterday at the Honda dealership, and they said battery power is fine. But something is drawing the juice while we tow, since we've been DOA about three times now, with varying towing time periods. The manual suggests pulling a radio accessory fuse "if you are going to be towing for long periods of time" but they don't define "long periods". We stopped at a rest stop, fired up the generator, and I ran the car for a little while, then redid the transmission procedure to start out again. While  I was checking out the car, Eldy turned on the TV, made himself a cup of hot chocolate, and watched a little TV! We can do that going down the road, too, which is kind of fun, unless the wind is buffeting the coach or we have bad roads. In that case, I walk around like a drunken sailor, lurching from one side of the kitchen to the other, attempting to fix us a snack. Most of the time we have easy stuff to snack on and don't cook while driving. But having a generator is really great! If we get stuck in traffic, we just fire that baby up, turn on the heat and we're toasty!  Last year my daughter got stuck on I-69 heading to Indy and the road was closed while she was on it...13 hours stuck on the road in a CAR by herself. I think about situations like that and feel badly for people. I told Eldy we'd have to open up the coach for bathroom emergencies for people stranded if that were ever to happen to us. He's pleading the 5th at the moment......

Earlier this afternoon, I went back to the dinette area, fired up my laptop and worked on the blog. I felt like I was on a train, as I looked out at the side window watching the landscape go by and the snowflakes coming down. I don't do that for very long as I'm not seat belted in while we're driving. BUT I can sit on the sofa belted in and work on the laptop, (in case any law enforcement are reading), so back to the front I came....Not sure where we are going to land tonight, but Eldy is on a roll, so we're a gonna keep drivin'!  We landed in Bowling Green, KY at Wally World after 7 hours of driving. We called ahead to make sure there were no city ordinances preventing us from staying there. I always tell them we'll be shopping for groceries in the morning...and we do.  Proper RV etiquette says you don't put out your slides or the jacks when you spend the night but it's ok to put out one small slide such as your bedroom. Here's what the coach looks like with the slides all pulled in.

We still have an aisle to work with. Eldy is all set with a beer and peanuts in his hand and watching TV. He's watching the movie "48 Hours" with Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy, lots of gunshots, blood, motorcycle chases, etc.  He deserves a relaxing evening rest after all the driving today, bless his heart. I'll bet someone is asking at this very moment, hey, Jeannie, do you ever drive? Nope! no siree, nada, not yet. I'm not saying I won't, but after seeing how close semis came to clipping the sides of us today while passing us on both sides down in Louisville, I'm going to leave the driving to Eldo, until I get some driving lessons under my belt. I did drive the other coach several times, but Eldy made the mistake of telling more than one person that with the car in tow, we are as long as a semi, about 60 feet, and now I've got the jitters about driving. Of course, he says he wouldn't be comfortable in the passenger seat. (That's because he'd be so nervous that I would hit orange cones, or scrape cement barrier walls that he couldn't rest easy, and he'd be least till I've had some driving lessons.) And yes, there is a driving school offered for RVers. You can find them at rallies. But it's not cheap!  Ok, time for bed...I'm exhausted, and I didn't even do anything today except worry about semis! See you tomorrow...

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