Friday, December 10, 2010

Gotta LUV Florida

Neopolitan Cove, Naples, FL
I messed up on my posts somehow and got the same one two days in a row..sorry about that! We are at the Neopolitan Cove RV resort and campground in Naples, on Tamiama Trail, highway we are back to staying at a little more expensive place, but hey, this is Florida, and it's early snowbird season. The rate is 325.00  for a week. They do have a cheaper rate, $230.00 a week, but for that rate, you are parked sideways against a stone wall right up against highway 41, with no grass or trees except across the parking lot. Nah, don't think we'll do that...although I seriously considered it. After doing a LOT of saving money by staying at corps of engineer parks and using Passport America, we are treating ourselves to a special place for two weeks. It's beautiful here, the sites are close but palm trees and hibiscus and azaeleas separate you from your neighbor. They have a nice clubhouse with free continental breakfast every morning, you can wash your car and RV on site, the managers running the place are SUPER friendly, and you can walk across or down the street to many mini shopping malls. Not only that, but there are bike paths to get around, even all the way into downtown Naples, which has a GORGEOUS "5th Avenue" historic shopping district. You can bike safely for miles....I'm a happy camper!  We are 15 miles from Marco Island, 40 miles from For Myers, and 275 miles from Key West. I've never been to Key West, so we might go exploring there one of these days....

Look what we saw this morning right out our window! A flock of 10 ibis (ibises?)...they were so funny! It rained last night, so the bugs were out, and here come these birds digging for insects. Ever see one of them feed? It's like a bunch of mini jackhammers! Their heads are bobbing so fast and drilling into the ground with their long curved beaks so fast, it looks like they are jackhammering for their food. RAT-A-TAT-TAT! They covered the ground around our RV in about two minutes, then wandered off. One of them came back, and it's almost like he said to the others, "Hey, guys! Wait a minute--you missed some!" And back they all came right back in front of our living room window again, jackhammering away. Finally, they got their fill, and off they went again...hilarious to watch!

We took it easy today on Eldy...after all that driving yesterday, he needed the rest! I did laundry and vacuumed with the central of the things we got fixed while at General a couple of weeks ago. They ordered the RIGHT vac hose and connectors, and......EUREKA!! (nope, Red Devil) works and works great...the hose stretches all the way from the back of the coach, 40 feet to the front, and IT DOESN'T FALL OUT OF THE CONNECTION HOLE!! Woo-hoo!...doesn't take much to make me happy! Then Eldy got me a real broom today for sweeping up the sand we have been tracking in. I've been using a little whisk broom to sweep the kitchen/living room tile...that's too hard on the ole now I'm a REALLY happy camper...don't know what tomorrow holds in store, we are having fun looking over all the "welcome to Naples" stuff, coupons, and the brochures. I've got my heart set on kayaking either around Marco Island to see some manatees, or somewhere in the Everglades, but THAT trip to the Everglades for kayaking is expensive...over a hundred any rate, got to do the dreaded swim suit shopping expedition in the next two weeks, too...might leave Eldy home for that one and don't ask for photos!...(I don't want to him to hear me whine about trying to find a suit that fits!)  See you later......

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  1. Looks like a beautiful place, but oh that price. No matter how nice it is, I just couldn't spring for that much. I hope you enjoy your two weeks, and am looking forward to some more great posts