Monday, December 20, 2010

Cambier Park, Naples

"I hear some music, where is it?"
Great acoustics!
I saw an advertisement for a big band concert at the downtown Cambier Park in Naples today, so after doing my laundry this afternoon, I headed off on my bike to see what that was was a beautiful but cool day for most Floridians....most people had on windbreakers, long pants, and sweaters. But since I'm not acclimated to Florida heat, it was a balmy day for me---shorts, short sleeve T shirt and sandals were what I had on. If I lived here all the time, eventually my body would think that 60 degrees with a fairly stiff wind blowing like today was CHILLY, but I thought it was very comfortable! The concert had a great turnout, I would say at least a couple hundred people came out today in the middle of this beautiful afternoon to hear the concert band was great! I love big band of my favorites played today was "String of Pearls". Here are some photos of the concert goers today: I'll bet the people in the bottom photo are not from Naples! They are dressed like me!

beautiful setting
"I'd rather be chasing squirrels"

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  1. You sure are in a great place. Love the big ole tree in the one picture.