Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gunter Hill Campground

Eldy did his research thoroughly as he always does, and boy, did he come up with a wonderful campground on the Alabama River! It's a Corps of Engineer park, Gunter Hill campground, just outside Montgomery, AL. A Corps of Engineer park means GREAT rates! We are staying a week at Gunter Hill for 9.00 a night! That is with Eldy's senior pass rate, otherwise we'd be paying 18.00 a day, which is still a fantastic rate for many people.

We are on a roomy site, #23, right on the river, the banks are filled with moss decorated trees and the campground is heavily forested. We did not have any trouble coming into our site. Picnic table and fire pit is provided and we have 50 amp service. There is a nice boat ramp available and a couple of the sites have stairsteps leading down to the river.  Here is the view out our living room window looking at the river. It's actually a small tributary and not the main Alabama River, but it's just as pretty.

Nice! Here is another view of the campground and the site we are going to move over to tomorrow......

We'll be on our current site for three days, then we are going to move three slots over to the bigger site on the river, #26, shown above. This way we can dump our grey tanks after four days since we are going to be pulling in the slides and moving over. There is a very nice shower house here at the campground, so it's not necessary to dump at all should you want to stretch out your water usage by using their facilities. There's even a laundry here at the campground and a very nice playground for kids.

Are there any drawbacks to this place? A small one, they don't sell firewood here or anywhere in the area that we can find! People scrounge for firewood on the forest floor and hope they find pieces small enough to fit in the fire pits, or they have to chop up the big branches themselves with an ax or chainsaw. The area outside the campground is not very pretty, it's in a very poor area of the county, but Prattville, the nearest big city, is about 12 miles away. Prattville is like being in a major retail hub--everything you could possibly want is in this town! (For Sparky, that would be Michael's and Hobby Lobby... She's already been there twice!  Sigh!)

Montgomery has so much history, we need to explore it a bit while we are here....Martin Luther King's Dexter Parsonage and Memorial Baptist Church is here, the Rosa Parks Museum, the Hank Williams Museum, and much much more! Sounds like we'll be busy, but we'll see how hard it is to get around a big city like Montgomery, the capital of Alabama. See you later!


  1. Any mosquitoes? Looks like a great location.

  2. Montgomery's not that big so you shouldn't have too much trouble getting around. Sorry we'll miss you in Summerdale.

  3. We used to live in Montgomery, you won't have any problems getting around, it's just not that big. So much history took place there, plus all the beautiful homes. Very nice city...

  4. WOW this looks like a GREAT place. Way to go Eldy!!! I'm putting it on my list for Alabama, a state we haven't been to yet but may on our way north in the spring.

  5. We are with you, we love the COE parks. We were actually at Gunter Hill earlier this year. In fact, we also stayed on site #26. From your photos and description, it appears that they have done some renovations. Enjoy your visit to the area.


  6. Nice campground! Your photos are really good. Enjoy -- so many places to see and travel to - enjoy.