Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Things to do in Wells, Maine

First, there are the beaches....Moody Beach, Wells Beach, Ogunquit Beach, Footbridge Beach and more....Sparky has been walking to one of the beaches and back for several days. You don't have to walk, you can take the trolley. It's a little complicated--the route and the fee structure. Sparky hasn't quite figured it out yet. The blue line is free.. The orange line is 5.00 PER RIDE. You can get through several local towns by taking the trolley instead of walking but transfers sometimes occur cross lines, and the summer route is sporadic and slow due to crazy traffic so Sparky gave up figuring it out for now. The walk is very pleasant, no matter which beach you choose to walk down to. Lots of pretty homes (many for summer rental) with pretty gardens along the way.
She's not sure which one it is. Probably Moody since we are at Moody Beach RV Park. (Good one, Sparky! says Eldo.) The beaches are beautiful but not like the white crystal sands of Sarasota. The beach is brown, there are no shells, just rocks that get pushed up onto the sand. But the beach houses, oh, my! Sparky loves that they almost all have names...This one is called Noah's Ark. It's the house right off Bourne Rd. when you arrive at the beach.
From the park, it's about 1.4 miles one way to the public beach access off Bourne Road (no parking for cars there, just a pedestrian walk thru). You pass by the Rachel Carson Refuge marshes on both sides of you. If you go further into Ogunquit, you can access a parking lot (a nice sized one!) and for 4.00 an hour or 25.00 a day, you could drive to the beach and park at the Footbridge Beach parking lot.

Sparky LOVES that there is a river in-between the parking lot and the ocean on the Footbridge Beach. People were paddle boarding and kayaking. One of the local hotels near the campground rents kayaks apparently. They won't rent you one before the tide goes out, (well, THAT might be a predicament, now wouldn't it?) so just know your desired time to kayak may not coincide with the tides. Being it was July 4th weekend, the beach was busy but not jammed, as the temperatures only got up to the low 60's today. 

The water temperature of the Atlantic was 57 degrees. There were some hardy souls out in the ocean, body surfing the waves. Sparky used to do that as a kid on Lake Michigan. You'd need a wetsuit in those temperatures, wouldn't you? Guess these beach boarders aren't too worried about cold water. They plan on having a fun time!

A lifeguard was coming on duty and headed with her equipment across the bridge to the beach. That made Sparky remember her lifeguarding days at swimming pools, but never at a beach. That would be a whole different  ball game, and a much more difficult assignment. Rip tides, jelly fish, ray stings, sharks, big waves, disappearing and reappearing bathers, it's a tough job. Hope they get paid well!
Sparky is not a beach person any more, but still enjoys the walk along the sands. If you are not a beach person as well, there are so many interesting shops, interesting harbor towns close by, sailing adventures, whale watches, lobster tours, putt putt golf courses, nature preserves, a rails-to- trails in the area (Eastern Bike Trail) and beautiful walking trails, you will find plenty to do while visiting here. We will let you know more about all that soon...Bye for now.....

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