Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Riding the Eastern Bike Trail in Maine-A Short Ride!

Wells, Maine is a seacoast town. It's a New England town. It's an old seaboard town. You want to do some nice serious bike riding? You are in the wrong place! But hey--so much is wonderful about staying here, it's ok not to have the great bike trails....(SU-R-R-R-E...says Eldo). Sparky has been spoiled with all the great rails-to-trails leading up to the point where they really aren't around here, except for the Eastern Trail in this southeast corner of Maine. Here's the thing....The Eastern Trail is a designated bike trail envisioned that will go all the way from S. Portland, Maine to Key West, Florida. Key word--envisioned. Right now, here in Maine, it's a mixture of off road and on road riding and many parts, especially the off road parts, which are being designed and constructed. 

Sparky has ridden the trail from Kennebunk, Maine to Biddeford, Maine, where the off road trail stops, and on road riding begins. It's a really nice ride. It's level, very little change in elevation, and the bike trail is wide, about ten feet wide. No drop-offs at the sides into ditches like you get on some rails-to-trails. No big pieces of gravel to rattle your bones. It's packed sand and dirt from what can be seen. It's about six miles one way, so the ride from Kennebunk to Biddeford and back is about 12 miles. The trailhead is behind Kennebunk Elementary School. You park in the school's parking lot, and the little trailhead spur takes you down to the Eastern Trail. It's a matter of yards before you get to the actual trail. Turn right, and you will only get to ride off road for about a mile and a half before coming out onto on road biking in Kennebunk. Turn left on the trail and you can get that beautiful ride to Biddeford and back thru gorgeous forests and shade all the way. 

After getting on the trail, you cross over I-95 on a special pedestrian/bike overhead pass. That's the ONLY big elevation change on this section. Shortly after that, you enter the woods, and a-a-a-a-h-h-h....Peace and quiet...Here is a link with lots and lots of detailed maps that show the different sections/cities of the trail. 


Right now, it's bits and pieces. Just when you get going on really nice off road biking, the trail ends temporarily and there are gaps. Sparky does NOT want to ride on public roads that are so narrow with tons of summer traffic on them!

That being said, the section between Kennebunk and Biddeford is beautiful. Scenery consists of beautiful forests, a few New England homes and homesteads, and ponds, lots of them. 

It's shady all the way, and wonderful piece and quiet...just the birds, and you and nature. Sparky hopes that work continues on the trail so there are longer sections that can be ridden off road. It's a wonderful vision to behold, that's for sure!

Next up, the Rachel Carson Preserve and the Wells National Estuarine Research Preserve.  See you later!



  1. I hear you about the lack of bike trails. I didn't even bring my bike with me because there have been so few bike trails and I really don't want to ride with cars. This one looks lovely and I sure hope they'll finish it. Looking forward to reading about the Rachel Carson center. It's the main reason David and I went to Wells years ago

    1. We will have to go see it the next time we are in Wells. There's only one trail, I'm told. Beautiful area...the mosquitoes are so bad right now, I'm not sure I'm going to do any walking trails in the woods for awhile.