Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Zipping Right Along

Gulf Shores, AL       High:  62      Low:  43

Sparky forgot to mention yesterday, that there is an APP for the Naval Aviation Museum. It's a 1.99 and the proceeds go to support the museum which is FREE to the public. The app has an interactive map of the museum, photos, videos and descriptions of exhibits and aircrafts, museum tours, museum news and updates and the Blue Angels practice schedule. Sounds like a winner to me! Available for iphone and Android.

Speaking of apps, there's an app for everything, as we all know. There's one for Gulf Shores/Orange Beach. It lists accommodations, events, attractions, restaurants, shopping, fishing, golf, beaches, cruises and waterspouts, nightlife and entertainment--wait--I'm not done yet! Spas, transportation, and specialty rentals. It's FREE! Available to both iphone and Android systems.

Gulf State Park is putting up an Adventure Park..They are gonna have zip lines. It's gonna be cool! It will be a 2 1/2 hour adventure with about seven or eight lines set up. You will walk a swinging bridge from the origin point at the store to a deck 15-18 feet high. You'll climb two sets of stairs and head out for your first zip line. It's an educational zip line where you'll learn all about the Gulf, the habitat, the plants and animals such as the Alabama beach mouse, which is endangered. While putting up the zip line, they had to move a tower and redesign the zip line schematics due to getting too close to the little beach mouse habitat. Who knew a little mouse could be so important?

Not only are they having a zip line course, there will be a central spot in the park for canoe/kayak rentals and stand up paddle board rentals. Sparky wants to try that! But we'll have to wait till next time around at Gulf State Park....

While out driving around today, Sparky saw a hot pink tow truck. It was so bright you couldn't miss it!
The sign on the truck says, "Ta Ta Towing". The company is out of Orange Beach, AL. You just don't see burly truck drivers driving a hot pink truck every day. You would think the owner/operator might get a lot of ribbing from driving such a hot item. Sparky checked out the website and they donate 10% of every tow to breast cancer research. How wonderful is that? Bet there's a story behind this truck...

That's all for now, folks!


  1. I guess that pink tow truck and the name makes it one you won't forget. I guess real men really do drive pink trucks.

  2. Thats really great that they can run a business and donate a portion to cancer research. The story behin it is probably something close to home.

  3. I wonder how much business that zip line park will get from all the seniors that stay in the campground? :)

  4. Never been on a zip line, but it does look like fun!

  5. When I read your post title, I thought - Aha - Sparky is being her daring do self with a zip line ride. We'll just have to read about it next year.

  6. We were in Gulf Shores a while back and could not understand what they were doing putting up those high pillars with a roof. Now I know:)