Monday, November 26, 2012

Gulf State Park Pier a.k.a. "Pelican Point"

Gulf Shores AL    High:   69   Low:  60

We didn't have anything special in mind today, so Sparky said, "Let's go to the pier and see what's happening.." Four dollars--2.00 each-- is cheap entertainment to watch pelicans wait for the perfect opportunity to grab a fish, get grabbed by annoyed fishermen (we've seen that happen), snooze, or pose for the camera....Doesn't this one look like a turkey?
"I resemble that remark!"

"Do ya like this angle?"

"EXCU_U_U_S_E ME! I have something in my feathers. This will just take a minute. Don't go away."

"I'm here for the long haul. They will eventually feed me. Ask me how I know..."

"Don't get too close or we'll ruffle our feathers and charge ya! Like we did those last 3 crazy dames." They went after three young women that got a little too close. We heard them screaming and saw them run. The pelicans just took off the deck with their big wings spreading and the girls thought they were gonna attack. They didn't.....

It was a gray day with a few sprinkles. There were about as many pelicans hanging out at the pier as there were people. (Evidently! says E.) This couple was well prepared to spend the whole afternoon hoping to catch something.

A young family staying at a nearby hotel was crabbing at the pier. They had outfitted themselves with simple nets and bait. They heard raw chicken was good bait, but they weren't catching any crabs.
Another fisherman accidentally hooked a stingray, but a pelican swooped in for the grab as he started to reel in the ray to let it go. The pelican flew into the line and snapped it, freeing the ray for him.

As we walked to the end of the pier and back out to the parking lot, we heard "CHEE-E-E-SE!" about three times. This young couple had their kids very well trained for photos...They just kept saying "CHEE-E-E-S-E" while Mom snapped away...They were really cute!

Well, Sparky and Eldo were not to be outdone.... "CHEE-E-E-S-E!"

And "CHEE-E-E-S-E" again!

We enjoyed ourselves at the pier today...We don't have to always be at a tourist attractions to enjoy ourselves, we like the simple things, too!  See you later......


  1. Hey, don't you know it's against the law to ride the sea turtles? :)

    Love the picture of the pelicans with the buildings in the background. Don't forget the "vignette" feature on Picasa. It really spiffs up some photos and you have a few today that would really look good with the effect. I had forgotten about it until Rick reminded me. Love your pelican pictures. They are so cooperative, aren't they?

  2. Gotta love watching the pelicans, great photos today!

  3. Bird watching is almost as good as people watching! Nice pelican shots :-)

  4. I have to say that pelican looks like he could use a regular exercise routine. Great shots. Looks like a fun day!

  5. We have never been on the pier, guess we will have to give it a try:)

  6. that is a very cool shot with the buildings. . .I agree with Karen on that one.

    We have white pelicans here at Fort Parker. . .did you see the pics I posted of them?

    Love the pics on the turtle. . .really great of you guys!

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  7. I think the "Gypsy Turtles" need to get a picture on that turtle! I don't remember seeing it when we were there 2 years ago :(

  8. Looks like a nice day. I agree simple is often the best.