Sunday, November 25, 2012

Needle in a Haystack...

Gulf Shores, AL      High:  62    Low:  47

The days are coming to an end here at Gulf Shores State Park...We have five more days before we leave for Sarasota, FL...Eldy is getting the hitch itch to get hitched up and move on...Sparky is getting there, too. We are just doing the mundane things each day now, since we've been just about everywhere we wanted to explore since we got here...

Yesterday, Sparky went to Foley's Graham Creek Nature Preserve....484 acres of natural habitat, pitcher plant bogs and forest. Sparky saw only ONE tired pitcher plant in the bog section. But it was pretty.

The park is very pretty and it has LOTS of BIG long needle pine trees. Hot dog! More long needles for her baskets! (The bay is starting to fill up, warns Eldo.) There's a canoe and kayak launch there, too. Sparky was in seventh heaven as we pulled in. And, she saw disc golf baskets! There's a disc golf course here!

Well, yes, and no....the baskets are in place, but no launch pads for throwing or any idea where to stand to throw and no maps available to figure out how the course is laid out. The baskets looked very new, so maybe it's still under construction. She gave up trying to play today and instead gathered needles, a back breaking job for sure...Sparky isn't as limber as she used to be. She needs to be doing stretches every day! Looking for the nicest, longest needles for basket making is like looking for a needle in a haystack! After awhile, it drives Sparky crazy looking...She thinks she spots a nice long one, pulls it out, it's broken or moldy. But they are here for the taking, you just gotta look carefully.

Eldy went off to try and find copies of the national issue of Sports Illustrated with Notre Dame on the front cover while Sparky explored the park...He didn't have any luck, but Sparky found a couple online  on Ebay. Where else? Woo-hoo! Sparky is NOT a big football fan at all, (GASP! says a shocked E. Just kidding, no surprise there) but she tolerates the games that Eldy likes to watch, and nothing makes her happier than when Eldy is excited about a football game, especially his beloved Notre Dame team. It's fun to watch HIM watch the game. He gets all excited like a little kid, but only when they are doing well. So it's a good thing they are doing well. Eldo is one happy camper! Sparky spent 26 years in South Bend, IN and never went to a Notre Dame game until she met Eldy. It's quite something to see the fans' spirit during the game, but she still doesn't have the fire for college football like Eldy does.....(Sigh!)
After the park, we were hungry...Time for a Rotolo's pizza. They are in Orange Beach off Perdido Blvd. We think this is the best pizza in Gulf Shores, but we have only tried one other one....But hey--doesn't this look terrific? It was!

Because the Notre Dame game was on this evening, Eldy had fears they were going to get beat by Southern Cal. He REALLY gets upset when they are losing, and he thought he'd distract himself by taking Sparky out for a movie. We went to see "Lincoln"...It was very well done...Daniel Day-Lewis did an awesome job of researching and capturing the essence of Lincoln the lawyer, the story teller, the statesman. Boy, does he look like Abe!  If you are into historical movies, you might enjoy this one...

We got home, and Eldy couldn't stand it any longer, he turned on the TV and watched the last 12 minutes of the Notre Dame game. They won! They are going to the national football championship in the Orange Bowl in Miami. Tickets start at 300.00 plus a 25.00 application fee, at least that's the word so far. Yikes! Sparky thinks he'll just be watching it on TV.....(I can dream, can't I?) Yep, honey, dream on! :-) Actually, if Sparky had the money, she'd buy two tickets so Eldy could go with another football loving nut. :-)

We'll see what tomorrow brings.....


  1. I am having so much fun reading about Gulf Shore, we are coming down that way in January to check it out before going into Florida. It is so neat when people you are following are where you are going or have been. Thanks for all the info.

    1. You are very welcome. We love hearing that we've been helpful to fellow travelers.

  2. My hubby is only interested in college football. . .and even has me watching his beloved Aggie games with him. . .they are doing well also!

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  3. I'm not so interested in football, but that pizza looks awesome!

  4. Ditto on the pizza. Too cold to get your kayak out in the nature preserve??

    1. Yep, and windy, too...We are going to find some more interesting spots where we can see more wildlife.

  5. I used to enjoy college footall until television changed the game with all the time outs for commercial breaks. My husband and I drove up to Columbus ohio for many OSU games back then.