Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sparky Can Be Kinda Crafty, heh, heh, heh

Gulf Shores, AL      High:   62    Low:  50

Take that blog title however you want to...But today, we are talking CRAFTS, as in MAKING STUFF, COLLECTING STUFF FOR CRAFTS and things of that nature. A short blog today and it's for WOMEN! Sorry, guys, but you will find this boring. And unless our female followers do crafts, they will probably skip it, too! Not much happened today...except craft class.

Of COURSE Sparky had to go and see what everybody was making....There are some talented people here in the park...It's fun to see what everybody does...Sparky enjoyed checking out what people are making..She is till trying to figure out what she can make to SELL and make a little "fun" money on the side...(So she can turn around and support the local Michael's and Hobby Lobby! explains E.)   Yep, I try to do my part......The local Michael's and Hobby Lobby (and JoAnn Fabrics) sales probably dip noticeably after we leave each locale. :-)

How about these crocheted tote bags made from Walmart and other store bags? Sparky likes eco-friendly crafts...
Like these beads made from paper--ordinary magazine pages....Sparky was on a roll a couple of months ago and probably made over 150 beads...(Ask her if she made any jewelry from them...) Uh, not yet...

But she's working on ideas for them! -- after she tires of making pine needle baskets...Here it is, folks, her very first handmade pine needle basket! Not too's 6" in diameter, made with LOVE and a LOT of pricked fingers from Alabama's long needle pines from Gulf State Park...And now, it's on to Florida soon, in search of MORE pine needles! And Eldy, bless his heart, is going 65 miles out of his way from his original travel plan to get to Sarasota, just so Sparky can visit the long needle pines Sherry (In the Direction of Our Dreams)  spoke of on Pat's Island near Juniper Springs. Sherry says they were as long as her arm! Hey, Sherry! Do you have short arms? That might be a deal breaker. At any rate, Sparky HAS to go there! (We're going, we're going! But just for an overnight stop.) That's my guy......XXXXXOOOO. See Sparky is crafty!
My first pine needle basket
Sparky talked to a gal who does lots of craft shows and makes money making her jewelry and crocheted skinny scarves, so she's going to try and find out more about what sells and what doesn't. (Sigh!) That's from my man, who thinks the motorhome is going to burst at the seams now that pine needles are filling up the bays. But---supplies are already on board for jewelry making, so we'll see what happens. Now Sparky just needs some sea glass which is not easy to find these days, so she can make some pretty pendants.

(And is there anything else you need, my sweet? asks an exasperated E.)  Well... let's see......Let me get back to you on that, honey......I'm sure there is! Oh, yeah--Sparky needs some cedar log sections of about 2" in diameter or some other cool wood for basket bottoms....And some agates......And some.... ????????  (I'm sure she will think of more STUFF!)

One more day here at Gulf State Park, and the only thing we have going on tomorrow besides packing up is a visit with George and Suzi Yates, Our Awesome Travels, for lunch.  We're looking forward to meeting them at Lambert's Cafe--"Home of the Throwed Rolls". (Sparky cringes when she sees that sign. It should say "home of the THROWN rolls" !)       Bye for now.......


  1. Lotsa crafts going on there, sure keeping yourself busy, love the pine needle basket and looking forward to to meeting you guys and catching some of them "Throwed Rolls"

  2. That basket is so cool! Love the shell you incorporated into it. I vote for more of those :)

  3. Oh dear Sparky, at 5' tall, I am short all over. I'm worried now about you going 65 miles out of your way (is that one way or round trip) to go to Pat's Island. It's just across from Glenn Springs not Juniper. The needles estimate was David's guess but they are the longest needles I've ever seen. I'll feel terrible if they aren't long enough.

    1. Not to worry, Sherry...I've got enough needles for now so we might wait till after we head north thru Florida on our way back up. Bet they are still longer than what I found here! I knew I had the wrong springs. Does that surprise you? :-)