Sunday, November 11, 2012

Satsumas Season...Yum!

Gulf Shores, AL    High:  65    Low:  44

It's a short and sweet blog today. If you've been following our blog, you might remember Sparky talking about Satsumas last year...those fabulously sweet oranges that are grown in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama...They are a Japanese hybrid version of a mandarin orange and can withstand brief cold periods. Cooler weather actually makes them sweeter. They can survive temps below freezing for a few hours, should the mercury dip...They look a little bigger than your ordinary canned mandarin oranges. Easy to peel, no seeds usually, and oh, so sweet! It's satsuma season here in the south!
We saw a guy selling them out of his truck right on highway 59, which is near where we found them last year with a lady selling them out of her station wagon on a side road near Gulf Shores...So we bought a bunch--about thirty of them for five dollars. There's a Farmer's Market by the Gulf Shores Pavilion every Saturday from 8:00 AM till noon, and they can sometimes be found there, too. They look so delicious, and they are!
That's one of the most wonderful things about full timing, getting to taste truly fresh produce from its origins, or eating freshly picked that day from a field or orchard...If you've never tasted a satsuma, you are missing out on one of nature's sweetest treats. Time to get snackin'!


  1. We tried to grow them in south Georgia..... they froze. I've heard they are good...will have to try them this season.

  2. Love them, can't wait until we get back in Louisiana for a new supply.

  3. We are heading to Alabama in a few days, will look for those oranges.

  4. 30 oranges of any type is a serious bargain. Don't suppose they grow those in Florida do they?

  5. 30 oranges for $5 is a serious bargain.....proof read much??? SIGH...........