Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Up On the Roof....

Gulf Shores, AL     High:   79    Low:  56

I feel funny about writing about our life as of late..It's a very sad time for friends..Several of our blogger friends are struggling with severe illnesses and abrupt ends to retirement dreams....I feel guilty about writing about the latest place we went to visit, or where we ate at the local hotspot, or the latest about what my little grandson is doing, now 5 months old...(He's getting ready to crawl, rocking back and forth on his little legs and then crashing down on his tummy, hasn't quite figured it out yet but it won't be long!)
But it's our life at the moment and we need to relish each day and be thankful that we are still able to do things.....Someday we may be facing similar challenges, and having to make similar difficult, heart rending decisions...Our hearts go out to our friends and acquaintances who are struggling with health and financial issues...

It was a quiet day today. We did some chores..Who's that little person on top of the motorhome?
It's Sparky, washing and waxing the roof...Sparky insists that she is more surefooted than Eldy in this situation, so she clambered up the ladder and went to work while Eldy worked on the sides of the coach and getting the bugs off the front, a job that requires a lot of elbow grease when the buggies are baked on.
It took awhile to get that chalky residue off the roof....But we think we got the job done with an RV wash product...Then Sparky took Mop 'n' Glow to wax the fiberglass roof. That should help the white streaks that seem to come down the sides in the rains....

Sparky took a bike ride around the park...About six miles....Checked out some more sites so you could see what the typical park sites look like around the park....These lake sites are not available for monthly stays, only shorter term stays.
Some of the sites border fire ravaged areas that are trying to come back...65% of the trees in the park were devastated by Hurricanes Ivan and Katrina....Stark views, but starting to come back.....
Here is a typical park site that has shrubbery surrounding it, giving some privacy to your site....
There are three lakes in the park that you could kayak or canoe on....
We'll see what tomorrow brings...we plan on making this a low key stay...staying home more, enjoying the park more...not as much sightseeing or doing STUFF this month...BUT--that being said, Sparky will probably come up with a few activities to keep things interesting as the days go by......See you later......


  1. I sometimes have to stop and think when I'm tempted to gripe about some trivial thing that comes along. It's true that, 'it could always be worse'.
    On a more uplifting topic, which is some sort of 'going up on the roof' segue, I have to say that Eldy certainly lucked out when it came to finding an RV companion. (among other categories of course)
    There would have not been a chance that my wife would have ever attempted to go up on the roof of the Class A that we had. Ever. Not even when she was a spring chicken, or at least not for as long as I've known her.
    I have to say, I think I'm kind of impressed.

    1. Don't be too impressed. I'm standing in the photo, but always afraid of slipping and falling so most of the time I was on my hands and knees...Just stood up for the photo! :-) And thank you for the compliments...

  2. It is nice to settle down for a bit once in a while, until the itch come back and away ya go again.

  3. It's your life ... and things could change in a heartbeat. Live and share your experiences until that time comes -- as it does for all -- when all we have are our memories in pictures and words.

  4. I hear ya sister...I do feel guilty at times, but it's not like we haven't had our share of troubles, just different degrees.
    Enjoy that park, it looks great!

  5. I am also quite impressed with your rooftop washing and waxing. Someone suggested wearing water shoes up there and I thought that was a good idea--but I have yet to try it. We stayed at Gulf Shores State Park last April and our highlights were going to the Florabama and kayaking on three of the ten local canoe and kayak trails in Orange Beach. http://alabamascoastalconnection.com/2011/02/28/gulf-shores-kayaking-adventures-where-the-floating-is-easy/.

  6. Yup.. my friend Paula summed it up best:


    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. There will come a day when each of us will need to make the decision to "hang up the keys." I always feel bad when someone is "forced" sooner than they would like. . .may the grace of God keep each of us under His wings of protection. . .

    especially people who go up on roofs. . .girl, what are you thinking? Aiii yaiiii yaiii. . .lol. . .

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