Friday, June 3, 2011

Bye-Bye Sounds of the Sea and California

our site at Patrick's Point next to a permanent resident
We spent six days at Sounds of the Sea RV park. After getting over our disappointment that it wasn't on the ocean and that you could only see a glimpse of the ocean and a couple of rocks through a narrow break in the thick tree canopy on the bluff (whew! are you still with me?), we managed to find PLENTY of short day trips exploring the redwoods, canyons, Roosevelt elk and gorgeous coast scenery. Our only complaint about Sounds of the Sea was poor water pressure, but we managed. (Sparky had the brilliant idea of putting a pitcher of water in the bathroom so we'd have enough to flush the toilet with--that's how low it was! And it wasn't our filter, either!  T.M.I.?)

Yesterday SIX Phaetons came into Sounds of the Sea. That was the busiest the park has been since we got there. We got a little excited to see so many new people coming in, in the same type of rig as ours, so we went over to say hello. I jokingly said, "We should have a rally!" And a couple said, "We are! Aren't you going?" I said,  "Here?" and they laughed and said, no, to the Tiffin rally in Welches, Oregon on Tuesday. We didn't know about it, having not read our "Roughing It Smoothly" magazine from Tiffin, having not gotten our mail forwarded for awhile....but Tiffin rallies are expensive and kind of out of our price range with my family reunion coming up in July. They had a good laugh at my joke about the rally right there in the RV parking lot....and I laughed, too....We left the park this morning, filled the propane tank and on the way to getting on 101 north, we saw three young hitchhikers in their twenties thumbing us for a ride. They were laughing because they knew we weren't going to stop for them. I smiled back and one of the kids gave me the peace sign. I flashed the peace sign right back.....Bye-bye beautiful Patrick's Point!
Where's Eldo? See the red hat?
Another view at Patrick's Point off Wedding Rock....

It was a beautiful drive today on highway 101. We saw a herd of elk right by the highway grazing on the hillside about 50 miles north of where we had stayed. It was a thrill to see them again. They don't seem to be skittish at all about people stopping to get out of their cars to take photos, they keep right on eating.

You sure see a lot of neat things sitting up high in the front seat of a was quite rainy for awhile, then the clouds cleared and we saw more of the redwood forests then the beautiful Oregon coastline. It looks much like California... We ended up at the Cape Blanco State Park, one of the most beautiful state parks I have ever seen. There is a lighthouse here, a historical house you can tour, great paved roads for biking all over the park, and beautiful black sand beaches....BUT--the air card for the computer is very weak, and we have no cell phone service. That's ok, we need a techy break from all our "stuff" to enjoy this fantastic park.

Oh, but wait---we DO have spotty, sporadic internet service--the blog is still here! woo-hoo! We'll stay in touch...we leave for Florence, OR soon to stay at a Thousand Trails membership park. A few months ago, we bought a zone membership for 199.00 for the northwest at an RV show, which normally sells for 499.00...we can stay for FREE at any northwest zone Thousand Trails park for 30 days, after that it's 3.00 a day.  Of course, paying for the zone means we actually are paying about 6.00 a day if I did my math right. This is a great deal and the next few destinations in Oregon, we will be using our zone membership. So, take care all of you, and we'll see you again tomorrow...We're headed for Cape Arago State Park tomorrow for some great seastack views!

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  1. The coast is so beautiful. I should go out and walk at the beach again soon.