Thursday, June 9, 2011

Photos of Newport, OR

Newport is a working, fishing can watch the fishing boats unload their catch for the day right down at the docks. We saw this Pacific shrimp truck getting it's load of shrimp (?) while we explored the town yesterday....I think the bird was looking for something in the load, he wasn't eating what was getting loaded. Yuck!

Newport has a cool bridge--the Yaquina Bay bridge...

There are beautiful murals painted all over the town on the sides of buildings. Here are just four within a block of each other by the wharf.
You can tell this is a working fishing town....traps piled up everywhere....There are lots of choices of seafood restaurants, great restaurants and shops to tempt you, too! (Uh-oh! for two reasons--good food and--Are there any knitting shops? E. wants to know.) Haven't seen any, dear! And it's a good thing I'm not quilting right now, as there are a couple of quilt shops in town...
I love these colorful traps!
We're lucky we can see the Yaquina Head Lighthouse from our RV park.....We love lighthouses and the history behind them! We hope to get up closer, maybe take a tour and explore the tidepools in the next day or so. A dreary, cloudy, misty day today, but the Yaquina Head Lighthouse is still beautiful....
We are staying at the Pacific Shores RV park--a motorcoach only park in Newport. It's nice, and a bit above budget--50.00 a night, BUT--you can ride your bike easily around the park and get a mile or two in, there's a chip and putt 6 hole golf "course", you get cable, 50 amp full hookup, concrete slab, picnic table,  nice, spacious sites and the use of a beautiful indoor pool. If we look down the street a bit, you can see the ocean. There are ocean view sites that are 90.00 a night--ouch! Too pricey for being on the top of a bluff looking down to the ocean. I won't have any excuse not to use the pool. Wait a minute--but we've got to see historic Nye Beach, tour the Yaquina Head lighthouse, visit the tidepools, visit the state parks-- I might not have time to swim. (You can always go in the evening! suggests E.) Yeah, I guess I could...need to do something...all this eating our way across America is piling on the pounds since I left Zumba classes and daily bike riding everywhere at Casa Grande, AZ.  Busted!    Sigh! 


  1. You might enjoy reading the "Murder at Yaquina Head" mystery by journalist Ron Lovell. I met him when on the Oregon coast in 2009 at a writing, walking, and yoga week. Here's some info:

  2. The murals are beautiful. I wonder if they are by the same artist?

    A Arizona Holiday

  3. Several of them are by the same person, and some are by someone else. Sorry I didn't catch the name, quite caught up in how pretty they made the downtown wharf area look!

  4. I love lighthouses, too! I had done two Lighthouse cross-stitch, enjoy every single stitch of them!

    It must be cool to be inside a lighthouse in rainy days -- I love to look at the rainy ocean.