Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cape Meares Lighthouse

Welcome to Phyllis, our newest follower. I've been remiss in blogger etiquette, and need to start thanking people within the blog and giving a link to their blog, if they have one. Phyllis hasn't started full timing yet, but she's reading all about those of us who are and her blog tells of life while traveling part time and waiting for the big day when they can go full time. She also has photos of counted cross stitch pictures she does. They are wonderful!

On to Cape Meares. The Cape Meares lighthouse is 10 miles west of Tillamook and US 101. It stands 217 feet above the ocean, and it's 38 foot tower is the shortest on the Oregon coast. When we walked down the path to see it, we were taller than the lighthouse top until we got to it! There are no living quarters there, the small building houses a gift shop and that's it. It was quite small, so small to be cute and quaint.

There are trails leading to the lighthouse from the parking area, there are other hiking trails in the area, a cool kiosk that tells about the Steller sea lions and resting shorebirds in the area, and the viewpoints are great for whale watching. There is an "OCTOPUS" tree there as well--a sitka spruce that has developed a unique formation from a single base trunk.
After the park and the lighthouse, we decided to go see Pacific City and the dory boats. Supposedly, you can watch the dory boats navigate the surf as they head out to fish, but the day was rainy and it was Sunday, so they weren't out. There is a great view to the ocean and of the fishing boats at the Pelican Bay Pub and Brewery which is where we stopped for a late lunch...neat place, great atmosphere and great food! This is a spring greens salad with Asiago cheese, craisins, almonds and a wonderful blue cheese dressing. Baked potato with all the fixings, too--it was WONDERFUL. Eldy had fish and chips which he said was terrific! I always wonder what people think when you whip out a camera to take photos of your food, maybe they think I'm a food critic (which I am--a picky restaurant eater, ha ha) but then again, when you are over 60, who cares?

The view from the back of the restaurant--This is Pacific City's version of "Haystack Rock" (It kind of looks like the one in Cannon Beach!)

Although it was a  rainy day, there were paddle boarders out and lots of people climbing and running down  the dunes on the other side of the restaurant's view. Ah, yes, I remember doing that when I was younger. Not quite the inviting fun today as it was years back. (THAT'S a good thing! comments Eldo.)

We've got one more activity to share before moving on to SEASIDE, Oregon....a great hike to Drift Creek Falls, just south of Lincoln City. Wait till you see the photos!  See you at the falls tomorrow.


  1. I have found there are two ways of acknowledging new followers. I'm not sure there are rules or right and wrong, or even etiquette. There are many people who send personal welcome emails to new followers. I decided I like that way because it doesn't take away from the flow of the post. So that's what I do.

  2. Nice post and very interesting. I really like the bottom picture, that rock is amazing!


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