Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Short Hike to Hug Point

Any short hike is a great hike, even if it is just a walk down the steps to the beach and an amazing viewpoint right around the corner. Hug Point is a cliff formation that "hugs" the beach. You go exploring it when the tide is out, otherwise you might get trapped on the cliffs. THAT sounds adventuresome! (Now, Sparky, you get plenty of adventure, don't be getting any crazy ideas, says E.) There are several sea caves there and a little waterfall. It's so beautiful, weddings take place on the beach and the photo opportunities are fabulous for couples photos, or family photos.

All we had to do is walk down the steps to the beach and head around the corner. We got to climb part of the cliffs, and see some fishermen catching crab. I have to say it irks me to see someone smoking out in God's world in the heart of nature when we have to smell the smoke, too! We didn't stay long because of that and moved on....but not before the guy had caught a crab. Not sure if he was actually fishing for a crab with the pole and all, but that's what he caught while we were there.

It was a day for children to kick up their heels, too...this little guy below was running around in his birthday suit. Wish I had a longer zoom, (NOT to photograph HIM,  but just to get a better photo of him running away from his grandparents to go and explore the caves.) He's so tiny, and the caves are so huge in comparison, I loved it that I caught him in the view. And maybe that's a good thing that I didn't have a bigger zoom so to better show the contrast between him and the cliffs.  (I got permission to take his photo.) I love that when he gets to the entrance of the cave, he stands and looks in awe at the size of it.

Then, another little guy hoofing it through the wet sand, trotting along to catch something in the sand....

And this little  explorer is having fun....
And this big guy seems to be having fun....
There was a couple getting married on the beach today...they're GONNA have fun. After the wedding  they went walking through the water as the waves came in...hard on the dress, but it makes for great photos!
It was an easy hike today...but well worth it! The waterfalls and sea caves are around the corner of this big cliff you see when you first go down to the beach. You can climb easily onto the cliff at the base and see some starfish and tons of anemones as you go exploring around the sides of the cliff.

Hug Point is a must see when you are in the area...about six or seven miles south of Cannon Beach, just a little wayside with a BIG view! Be sure to check the tide charts before going....


  1. Your photos are just awesome. . .and I'm so glad I found your blog. I didn't know there were so many wonderful things in Oregon. . .can't wait to get there and explore!


  2. Thank you. You are very kind. We're glad you found our blog, too! We really love the Oregon coast, and the state has set aside the entire coast for public land. Isn't that something?! I never saw so many state parks before in my life one right after the other!

  3. Jeannie, those are the best series of photos I have seen in quite awhile. We laughed and laughed this morning as we saw the little kids being themselves. Guess the big kids (adults) were doing the same too. The wedding was pretty cool too! Another great post, thanks!!!


  4. Love the pictures today, but the one with the little nude boy is priceless.

  5. Wish the Great Lakes states had had the foresight to protect our shorelines as public lands. Oregon is so gorgeous and your descriptions and photos are wonderful. Thanks!

  6. I have really enjoyed your commments about Oregon. The way you tell a story is so fun. You have such a gift. I do have a domestic question. After our month long trip, not sure I am up for a never ending trip yet, I wondered about the vacuum we have and what might be a good vacuum to have? We have 2 black labs, which require us to vacuum ever other day. We do have a Dirt Devil Stick vacuum, but thought you might have suggestions for a better one. When you get to have another campfire, having Pie Irons are really a great thing to have. You can make Apple Pie sandwiches, Cherry Pie sandwiches, or even a Smore sandwich all with 2 pieces of bread and any filling you want then baked over the fire.

  7. We drove by Hug Point yesterday. Well, just drove down the road and noticed the sign. There sure are a lot of beautiful places to pull off along Hwy 101. I'm glad we're going to be in the area for a couple of weeks. Loved the post!

    Just Wanderin'