Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bye-Bye Cannon Beach

We've had some interesting crossing of paths with some of our fellow travelers. It's neat the way things work out sometimes....We met a couple at the Thousand Trails park in Seaside, LaVon and David Steinborn. We spent one night talking over a campfire and then, the next day, Eldy ran into them at the Indian Beach parking lot at Ecola State Park while he was sitting on top of a picnic bench at the overlook, waiting for me to arrive. David looks just like Santa, full white natural beard and all and darned if he doesn't play Santa every year at Christmas with his lovely wife, LaVon who is Mrs. Claus!
We went back to L'il Bayou to hear some nice dinner jazz music with the Swing Cats again and with the nice company of David and his wife. David was extremely helpful to Eldy in showing him some of the workings of our diesel coach, where to locate filters, and other great information. Thank you, David and LaVon....
David and LaVon Steinborn

We visited the Astoria Column minutes after Nick (of Nick's Blog and Gypsy Journal newspaper fame) and Greg White (Our RV Adventures) had left. We didn't know they were going to be there that day, we just missed them. They were staying at a park in Ilwaco, WA and had come down for the day. We had dinner with them at Angelina's Pizza, our favorite pizza place in Seaside on our last night here. Nick had some really funny stories to share which had us laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes. Great folks, great company!

Going to leave you with my favorite Cannon Beach photos....we'll see you on the road, heading for Chimacum, Washington, our next destination.....If you put your left hand down on the west coast of Washington, with your thumb pointing at Seattle, Chimacum is directly north of Seattle, just where the Puget Sound starts splitting Washington. The park is on highway 19. We're going to be inland just a little, but close to ferries to go to Seattle, close to Port Townsend, and other stuff. We'll be here a week....se

Here's a little girl laughing and giggling as she chased the gulls away...She'd go running and screaming into a flock of them as they landed, then laugh merrily as they flew up in the air....

And a beach photo collection is never complete without a photo of a child trying to hop over the waves...

I think Cannon Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches we have ever seen.... and I know we will come back again some day. We've yet to visit many more places in this area, Oswalt State Park with some awesome hikes, Cape Disappointment in the southwest corner of Washington, the Spruce Goose in McMinnville (probably closer to a stay in Lincoln City than Seaside) and lots, lots more wonderful things to see and do in the area. That Cape Disappointment intrigues me. Somebody got to the area and said, "What??? No whales? No Native Americans to meet and greet us?" We'll have to get to the bottom of that! Hope you've enjoyed the visit with us....See you on the road!

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