Saturday, January 8, 2022

Standing on a Corner in Winslow, Arizona?

Weather:  High: 71  Low: 44  Voyager RV Resort, Tucson, Arizona. Site: 7-235. T Mobile mifi very slow at times, AT&T phone hotspot excellent

No, not yet as far as Winslow, AZ.... It's on our bucket list to go to. Once we get our new set of tires, we will be off on further adventures and we might just go there. Our travels yesterday to get to the Voyager park in Arizona were uneventful after experiencing a tire exploding on the RV the day before. (See previous post). 

Sparky was nervous that another tire would blow, but we got here safe and sound. Whew!

For now, we are staying at a beautiful RV resort, which normally would be out of our budget range for staying for longer periods of time, but with our camping membership (Thousand Trails) to stay in this particular park which is an Encore park, (a related park in the Thousand Trails system), it's 20.00 per night to stay in an Encore park. 

We have saved thousands of dollars with our Thousand Trails camping membership. With that membership, comes older parks, substandard roads within sometimes, narrower sites, older campgrounds, but beautiful locations and sometimes very nice amenities. Thousand Trails will often upgrade bathroom and pools and let the interior roads deteriorate. You have to be prepared if you are going to travel full time in an RV to accept that many many campgrounds have been around for a long time, and a lot of them are in need of upgrades or renovations, especially the electric grid. Because we get to stay for almost free everywhere we go, we don't  mind that. We are not in the category of needing luxurious travel or travel accommodations  (although our fifth wheel IS very beautiful!) We just mean we are on a senior retired citizen's budget and watch our expenses very carefully so we can eat out at wonderful local places and experience some unique experiences to the area we are in, and continue to travel this amazing country. But sometimes it's just nice to splurge a little and spend a little for a beautiful park that is newer and has amazing amenities, like the Voyager RV Hotel and Resort.

Beautiful outdoor lounging areas

WOW! What a park! It's a top rated park in Arizona. First time here, and here's what we know so far....It's huge! It has 1,576 spaces, over 600 RV sites with 100 pull thru, full hookups, a hotel, 16 pickle ball courts, a golf course, and more activities:

They also have an onsite restaurant/bar that is very good and there are many clubs that support a wide variety of interests-stained glass, lapidary, quilting, woodshop, music, hiking, etc. Sparky checked out the hiking. This is serious hiking for the club at this park. It's more like mountain climbing it seems, from the descriptions and the trail led expeditions by the Voyager club members. The hikes are more than 6 miles at a time of hiking trails through the desert and mountains. Sparky would like to try one, but desert hiking is not quite her cup of tea and she doesn't own the required "substantial hiking foot gear".  So she is going to look for some more moderate hikes on her own. Or play pickle ball....

Or use the fitness center....

The bicycling club is for serious road have to be able to maintain a speed of 12 mph and with challenging road conditions of spiky cactus thorns, rocks and other possible scenarios, and very high mileage for their weekly trips, Sparky will pass...A Trek bike is not the right bike for these road trips, it's too heavy, and she wouldn't be able to keep up, so Sparky will ride the park for starters and got in 9 miles easily just inside the park yesterday. Roads are great inside the park.

Masks are required indoors at all the different facilities in the park, even if you have been vaccinated and boosted. This Arizona county is not messing around! 

So here we are for almost two weeks....We will get our new tires towards the end of our stay, explore the area, and enjoy the beautiful mountain backdrop behind our RV park. We will keep you posted!

The sunsets are AMAZING.

Until next time.....

                                             Eldo and Sparky 


  1. Wow, what a park! We never joined Thousand Trails or KOA as we had to workamp to full time when we did. You guys are traveling right along!

  2. We enjoyed that park in Tucson as well. Having access to the Encore Parks was a huge advantage of the Thousand Trails System.

    Please don't skip Winslow. It's a hoot (much like Roswell NM)

    We stayed at Homolovi State Park while there (no sewer, but not an issue for a short stay.) I wrote about the park here:

    and about our stop in Winslow here:

    1. Thank you so very much for those tips! We will check them out.