Monday, January 31, 2022

Mesa in the Mix

Mesa, AZ  High: 60's to low 70's  Low: mid 30's-40's. Site: 2608

Viewpoint RV and Golf Resort

AT&T hot spot on iPhones--SLOW   T-Mobile Mi-fi-not bad

Well-l-l-l...after enduring VERY cold temperatures in Cottonwood at night most nights, we headed to Mesa, a distance of two hours south, for some warmer weather. We will be here for one week. We are trying to figure out a way to change our itinerary from heading back to Cottonwood after this week and going to Yuma instead, but so far, our membership parks are full in Yuma. it looks like we will be returning to Cottonwood maybe.

Along the drive today, we saw some more beautiful concrete work and overpasses that reminded us of the beautiful drive when we went to Tucson. It made the short drive today very enjoyable. 

Even the sides of the road leading up to the bridges and overpasses had beautiful stone work inlay designs....arrowheads, Native American symbols, etc. laid out in stone arrangements of different colors. None of Sparky's iPhone drive by photos turned out on the stone designs, darn it! Here's one bad one, but it gives you an idea.

Arizona certainly knows how to make their infrastructure reflect their art and culture! Every bridge, every overpass on our route today reflected beautiful southwestern motifs and/or Native American symbols. Sparky loved the lizards under the bridge. (see at right)
Even retaining/sound walls that are usually pretty ugly, were beautiful.

We are at the Viewpoint RV and Golf Resort. Because it's part of our membership Thousand Trails  sisterhood of parks system, we stay here for 20.00 a day with full hookups. It has an 18 hole championship golf course, 10 tennis courts, 9 pickle ball courts, softball field, golf pro shop, 4 swimming pools, 7 spas, on-site restaurant, over 100 clubs and classes, on-site beauty salon, 2 fitness centers, a massage therapist reflexology person, library, laundry, woodshop, deluxe shuffleboard courts (beautiful, but not Sparky's thing) and probably more, haha. 

Nice to experience the full enchilada sometimes as opposed to being out in the woods or the boonies as we often are. We like civilized "glamping", too!

Sites are roomy enough in the park, but some are tight to back a fifth wheel into, and we had to make a sharp turn to get into our site because park model homes are directly in front of us across the street. You could get a 45 footer RV into the park sites, but you'd be right out to the road's edge. Here is our site:

We are on a back wall, but we don't mind that at all. There is a suburban neighborhood directly behind us. We have a really nice concrete patio, quite large, but the drawback is the location of the sewer. It's under the rig, that is the case for a lot of the sites, the hookups are not necessarily the most convenient. Sparky had to crawl under the rig to hook up the sewer hose! We have our own trash can and recycling bin. It does feel like a neighborhood!

There are a LOT of park models here, (tiny or small homes on leased land--usually--, for people who are snowbirds or live here seasonally. The newer park models are beautiful and have spacious patios.

We will certainly enjoy our stay here, and Sparky has found some good hikes for later this week--NOTHING like the mountain hikes in Sedona, but good ones all the same. We'll see you on the trail, or on the road somewhere. Bye for now!


  1. Really appreciate your weather and internet information at the head of this post. Good for you to remember and me to decide whether I'd want to put the place you are in on my itinerary if I ever get myself to do solo cross country. I'll put Mesa on the probably and Cottonwood on the NO. Hope you can find some where else to go for the time rather than back to Cottonwood. Really lovely art on the infrastructure. Wonder why other states and locations don't do that? Sewer UNDER the RV? What in the world were they thinking?

  2. Why not Cottonwood? The cold nights? It's close to Sedona and the most amazing trails! And the weather is warming up at night there. We're headed to Yuma for a week instead of back to Cottonwood.