Saturday, October 31, 2020

Last Ride at Western Reserve Bike Trail-Terrible Weather!

It rained four out of the five days we were at Kenisee Lake in Ohio. It was COLD, it was DREARY, and it wasn't very pleasant. BUT--Sparky loves fall, even the miserable, cold, wet and rainy parts of it. She still went bike riding, and Eldo, bless his heart, still ferried her with her bike back and forth to the trailhead, even if it's only 7 minutes away one way from the campground. It doesn't look too bad here, (photo at right) but it was steadily misting rain, and about 47 degrees.

Sparky rode 20-26 miles at least four times this week. She has an ulterior motive for pushing herself to keep riding and exercising. Blood pressure readings are up in a high zone (not high enough to get to a doctor right away, but the trend is not good), so headed to the doctor in a couple of weeks. The rise is despite losing 25 pounds and steadily walking and riding since we hit the road in July.

The fall colors were absolutely stunning, but the peak color is definitely waning, as we head into November.

At Kenisee Lake, there were late seeding wildflowers and interesting seed pods. The deer were starting to show in the woods since most of the campers have gone home for the season. 

The asters are gone now, but some flowers are so hardy! This was a lone daisy bloom, but there were other buds nearby, not ready to give up their turn.

We decided to leave a day early due to the miserable weather and cold AND our awnings are in! Yay! If everything goes well, which is a 50-50 chance when you are dealing with RV dealers and repairs, we are hoping to have new awnings by Wednesday of this coming week.

Off we drove on an uneventful drive to Elkhart, IN, 298 miles on interstate all the way. And here we are, at the Elkhart Campground, which is a terrific campground with updated sites and amenities. It's like home for us, we've stayed here many times when full timing and moving through the midwest. Wonderful owners, great level sites and newly paved roads and newly opened long spacious sites. The weather is marginally better for about two days, then it will be very nice. For bike riding on the Pumpkinvine Trail. (Of course! confirms Eldo.) We will see you later!

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  1. Good luck getting your weight and BP down. I too started on a Keto diet (medically supervised) and it has done wonders for weight and glucose numbers. Exercise definitely helps!