Saturday, October 3, 2020

Off to Ohio We Go.....

Blogger is being kind of a pain in the butt. The blog looks normal at this end, then when published, the fonts get wonky! Sparky doesn't always catch it. Sorry about that! 

At any rate, we left the Twin Mills, IN Halloween early celebrations and headed off to Ohio for six days. We are staying at one of the nicest Thousand Trails parks we have ever stayed in. It's called Lake Kenisee RV Resort and it's in Jefferson, Ohio, in the northeast corner of the state. Now, full time RVers know that just because the word "resort" is behind the name, does not mean there are fantastic amenities like usual resorts. Some parks do have amazing amenities, but this is just a beautiful park situated around a small lake, with several smaller ponds in the park, and much open space and fields. You can walk and walk around the park or ride a bike and get some nice exercise, OR you can ride the Rails to Trails bike trail nearby and get a TON of exercise! 

Thousand Trails can be hit or miss as far as site room, amenities and road conditions in and around and out of the park. Some parks are very very old, and taken over by seasonal rentals, some are just run down and the facilities are not the cleanest or greatest, but by and large, they are decent parks to stay in, especially since you are usually staying for little to nothing or FREE. This park is a gem! But, it also has a very high number of seasonals taking up a lot of spaces, especially the ones around the lake, so it may not be the easiest park to get in, but with our ability to book out farther than a lot of people with our Thousand Trails membership, that helps us get spaces. However, we didn't book this location very far out, and we had no trouble getting in and getting a pull thru site, but it's because it's nearing the end of the season for many parks. This park closes November 1st.

The best thing about the park, in Sparky's humble opinion, is a Rails to Trails bike trail trailhead close to the RV park. 

It's called the Western Reserve Greenway Biking and Hiking Trail. Sparky rode twenty miles on it today just to check it out, and it was wonderful! Very similar to the Pumpkinvine Trail back in Indiana. (See previous post if interested)

It's very level and an easy ride...the trail is about 26 miles thru Ashtabula County. Sparky went 20 miles north the first time, and 20 miles south on the trail the second time. One of the trailheads that she set off from is 5 minutes by car from the RV park. The trail is very shady for the most part, so it would be a great trail in the summertime, and it's absolutely gorgeous in the fall! Life IS a beautiful ride!

Back to the park. (Sparky's a little ADHD, in case you didn't know, explains Eldo.) The sites are very spacious, no crowding next to one another. The pull ins are very long and easy to get through. There's a huge field behind us, ready for development of more sites when the time is right, we guess. They have a laundry at the park, and AT&T is decent at the campground, a nice change from rural Indiana! At least we can use our hotspots. We like this park so much (and Sparky loves the bike trail so much) we plan to return in a couple of weeks to close out the season with them. 

We are here for two more days, then off to Pennsylvania to see our former Bradenton neighbors briefly. We are also going to explore the Thousand Trails parks in PA to see what they are like. One thing we noticed is, it's fall and the leaves are changing and it seems as though everybody and their brother are camping out on the weekends in Pennsylvania. It was next to impossible to get our stays planned through the weekends in the Thousand Trails park system. We had to do some improvising and revisions to our camping budget to find some private campgrounds for weekend stays. Everybody is going leaf peeping!  Until next time.....


  1. Nice Rails to trails. Cycling is one of our favourite exercises.
    If you do the Hersey PA TT be cautious. When we went the roads and sites were far from level and the utilities were too far back on the site we ended up with.
    Be Safe and Enjoy exploring new parks.

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