Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Time Keeps Marching On....We're Still In PA

We extended our stay at Hershey, PA. Why not? It's free, with our Thousand Trails membership. We went for a visit over to the next park on our list, also a Thousand Trails park, (Appalachian RV Park in Shartlesville, PA) which is an hour or less away from the Hershey Park and the atmosphere there was PARTY TIME! Of course, it's Halloween MONTH at RV parks, and it's party time every weekend during October. So the Appalachian RV Park was super crowded, the lanes seemed narrow, with tight turning corners and we honestly felt it would be much more stressful moving again to another park that maybe didn't have as much space to maneuver around with our big rig as the Hershey RV park does. On a less busy weekend, it would not be a problem.

Look at all this green space/tree space at the Hershey RV Park...It's fabulous!

Sparky loves taking walks around the park....the maples are truly least they seem that way after living in Florida and seeing a whole different kind of flora and fauna.

We went through a wonderful Halloween weekend with the other campers. Lots of activities for the kids. Lots of campground decorations and spookiness. We had lots of trick or treaters. We put the wrapped candy spread out on a table and watched the little ones from afar come up and take just one at a time. Such restraint! Not sure about this dude, if he was collecting his own or for his kids, haha.
Sparky decorated her own pumpkin and had a lot of fun with that, using a Pumpkin Masters carving kit. You tape a pattern to your pumpkin, then punch all around the lines with the puncher poker tool, then take the paper off and start carving. Turned out nicely, she thinks!
Another beautiful day for a ride on the Lebanon Valley Rails to Trails bike trail. Sparky has done three rides of about 20 miles each time. The third time she did 25 miles, because she needed to work out a little  attitude adjustment due to many things going on in the world and in her life. (It's a long story, says E.) Riding the trails is truly one of Sparky's favorite ways to decompress....
There are many memorial benches along certain sections of the trail. It is so beautiful what some people do to remember their loved ones, even their furry ones. Rest in peace, Jezebel. 
The weather is perfect for bike riding...In the fifties at first, and now sixties and low seventies...It's a beautiful trail path, not in the best shape by any means with some rough sections, but the donations for trail maintenance are needed, so hope people continue to support this very worthy cause (the Rails-to-Trails organization), to help people stay healthy and keep moving. Motion is lotion, Sparky heard someone say once.
So, here we are...two days left to go to stay at this beautiful Hershey RV park. 
We head next back to Ohio, sort of a last stand chance to hear and be near if and when our awnings come. It's been five weeks since a whopper tree limb took both of them out, and the RV repair place said 4-6 weeks. That probably means 10-12 weeks or more. At this point, we have to continue with travel plans. You can't mess around and be loosey goosey with your planning. Years ago, we often traveled and planned by the moment and on the fly. You can't do that now. People are flocking to the RV parks in droves, and yes, it is VERY difficult to find places to stay. We are doing well with our Thousand Trails membership, because with our particular plan (there are so many of them!) we can book far out ahead. But then when you travel, you have to find other campgrounds that are not closed for the season, and are not full, and are NOT in our membership plan for some areas, and are big enough for us to maneuver around the campground and get situated with our big 5th wheel.

Until next time...which might be Ohio! See you around....

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  1. We saw the weather that's forecast for the next little while. Glad we left when we did!