Saturday, October 24, 2020

We Moved! To Ohio....

Lake Kenisee, Ohio.         High: 48.    Low: 35    Site: B-3

The drive thru Pennsylvania heading west, was gorgeous. We passed by the Tuscarora Mountains. We went through at least three mountain tunnels. Sparky kept thinking what if there was an earthquake?

We are back to Ohio, for a stay of 8-9 days as we assess our awnings situation. We wanted to be fairly nearby in case the awnings came in and we could get scheduled for installation before really cold weather hits. At last phone call, the manufacturer of the awnings has not notified the RV dealer, where we are going to get repairs. The RV shop is trying to get information on when delivery might be expected. At this point, we got nothin'. So we are going to spend our days planning and planning for our trip south as cold weather approaches soon here in Ohio. We have another free stay here with our Thousand Trails membership, and we love that AND Sparky LOVES the cold weather, Eldo not so much.

Lake Kenisee is a beautiful RV park with lots of open green space, very few trees, and lots of Canada geese. (Between the lines: a lot of goose poop everywhere) We are in a pull through site that is big enough for our 41 foot fifth wheel AND the truck. There are about 12 pull through sites at this park, and the rest are back ins. They are gravel so that helps when there is a lot of rain, which we have had the last two days.

Lots of seasonal Ohio campers here. Wonder what the percentage is, of seasonal campers? It seems like a lot. The lake is a VERY small lake. The nearby towns are very small, showing a bit of an economically struggling area and shopping at fast foods and name brand stores is a bit of a drive, 30 min. or more. But it's peaceful and very pretty countryside. We would say this campground is more for the 55 and over crowd, at least at this time of year. We are not seeing the big Halloween hoopla at this campground, but again, they close on Nov. 1, so they are winding down for the season.

Lake Kenisee has the bike trail, the Western Reserve Rails to Trails, so Sparky is back riding once again. Today, it was 48 degrees for a high, after 78 yesterday, when we came in, but Sparky went riding anyway. Gloves, check! Ear warmers? Check! Tunes? Check! Off for a 26.9 mile ride. It was great! (Eldo thinks Sparky has some Eskimo blood in her, well, definitely Canadian blood for sure!)
The Western Reserve is in much better condition than the Lebanon Valley Rails to Trails back in PA. This trail is paved and level. Sparky really enjoyed it today!

While we are here, we like to visit Mary's Diner in's an old fashioned soda shop diner. Check out the decor! Great breakfast. There's a 57 Chevy (?) cherry red front end at the cash register checkout.

We are going to get some more apples and cider while we are here, and Eldo is going to suffer through the cold temps for a few days. He looks like he's suffering, doesn't he? (He's got his feet propped up and is mighty comfortable watching football!) Time for popcorn?

Sparky will ride a bunch the next few days and keep trying to get her blood pressure and sugar down. It's been creeping up despite all the exercise! Darn it! 

This is the life.....Before the cold temps rolled you later!


  1. Why didn't you find a dealership in one of the states you were going to spend your winter in. That way you won't get stuck in the cold.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We were headed to Indiana in the first place, where the parts are made, and had no idea it would be backlogged as far back as it is. We aren't going to get stuck in the cold.We are headed south at the end of this week. Looks like spring for the awnings.

  2. We really enjoyed the colors on our way back west. Made it just in time to see them! We found that the parks we worked in were almost 50% 'extended stay' people. It seems the trend with high housing prices and traveling workers.