Saturday, June 1, 2013

Photography Apps

Sparky got inspired last week with creating a blog on her iphone. Although photos didn't transfer over consistently in regards to size, it made her realize that the iPhone could really be a great tool for future blogging in a pinch and other photographic endeavors....Sparky's iphone 4S has a eight megapixel camera on it and sometimes it takes better photos than her Panasonic Lumix point and shoot! The iphone 5 has the same megapixel camera so even if you have an older iphone, most of these apps discussed today should work on your phones.

Sparky already has been delving into a couple of photo apps for her iphone 4S. PicsPlay Pro is one of them. Rather than Sparky try to cover everything this program does in her random blogging style and miss something, 'cuz she hasn't figured it all out yet, here's a detailed explanation of what you CAN do with this program if you know what you are doing!

Take a photo and Load a photo. Edit full resolution photos! Undo, Redo, Reset Zoom in editing mode. Compare with an original photo anytime. Crop, Straighten & Rotate. Data Super Camera Features Focus & Exposure Multi-Touch Control Flash control with torch mode6x Digital Zoom, Grid & Leveler, Geo-Tag, Anti-Shake, Self-Timer, Front Camera Reverse Save original photo. 200 Professional presets in 10 themesThemes : Scene, HDR, Blur, ART, Vintage, Grunge, Beauty, Professional, Color Splash, Black & White. Control the opacity of presets. Draw a mask on any of 200 FX presets with fully supported Masking tools. Get your own unique effect from unlimited combinations of presets. Color SplashIntuitive and responsive drawing interface. Undo / Reverse / Brush size, softness and opacity control. Draw on your photo for the dramatic 'Selective Color' effect. 3 types of Blur effect - Linear, Radial, Oval. Control the blur area and watch your effect simultaneously. Time Matrix with temporal photographic effects. Like a time machine, you can travel time with Time Matrix and apply a variety of effects according to the time you set. Powerful Editing Tools for both beginners & professionals. Exposure -Brightness & ContrastColor - Hue & Saturation,White Balance - Color Temperature & Tint.  Sharpen,Colored Curve & B&W Curve. Histogram Photo DecorationText - More than 200 Fonts, 80 Colors & Patterns, Color Palette, 14 Styles, 24 LabelsPainting - Size Options, 32 Colors & 48 Color-Patterns, Color Palette, 30 Bokeh, 20 Roll-Stamps, Eraser Stamp - Tens of stamps and Speech bubbles, Making a stamp with your photo Texture - Vintage & Bokeh Textures, Light Leak, Blending Mode (Normal, Shine, Dark), Shuffle, Live MaskingLive Vignetting - 24 Types of color vignetting, Control the opacity, Border 34 Border styles and 32 Color Borders, Control roundness and thickness. Photo Sharing to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Kakaotalk, Line etc!

WHOA!   T.M.I, Sparky! Too much information?  Download it and try it...available for iphone and Android and it's free. The programmer who wrote this description above had ZERO periods in his description and it was all run together. Sparky tried to decipher it but gave up after a bit. Sparky doesn't understand half of what this program can do, but has experimented with it a little bit and it seems to work really well for what she wants to do with her photos on the iphone. 

OK, here's another one....Vine--a mobile app from Twitter that allows users to create six second video clips. (Waterfall sequence, anyone?) and then share them on Twitter, Facebook or the Vine app itself. The videos loop over and over unless you tap on them. Vine is the number 13 top free app in the Apple App store. Here's a link on how to use it: Vine app 

Sparky has not tried that one yet but it looks kinda fun! Lots and lots of choices!

Here are the top 50 free photography apps from the Itunes store...

If you have an Android system (Kindle, Android phone) here are some photography apps for them: The site didn't tell how much these apps were for Android systems....Since Sparky and Eldo both have iphones, she didn't go into the details for Androids as she did for the iphones. 

If you don't have a smart phone, by now you have probably skipped the blog. But some of the apps are fun. As far as a smartphone, once you get used to using one, you will wonder why the heck you didn't try one before now! Eldo works more off his phone for the internet, mail and other stuff than he ever did on his little laptop computer. Sparky is about 50-50 between her iphone and laptop. But she is starting to use the iphone more and more for photos. It's so easy to carry! Now if she only had a good strap that could attach to the case so she wouldn't risk dropping it in a bad place. 

In a future blog, Sparky will take a photo on her iphone, and show you some things she did with some of these photo apps. (IF she remembers, laughs E.)  Yep, other things just might get in the way. Sparky needs to make a list of blog topics so she WON'T forget...Check!

P.S. Sally, if you are still reading, could you please send me your phone number again by email? I have lost it! (in more ways than one....)

Bye for now........

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