Monday, June 24, 2013

Feeling Better!

Sparky is feeling sorta better! She's got a low grade fever going on with some sinus pressure...and some stomach pain as well. The fever comes late in the afternoon, after feeling pretty darn good for most of the day. Sparky will give it a couple more days, then it's time to find a local doctor.....Merikay was talking about how to find a good dentist, which we also need to do, too, but that's what you gotta do when you move to a new area. Ask around, try to get recommendations. Sparky HATES researching that kind of stuff. Eldy is really good at it....  :-) :-) :-)

Forgot to share the wonderful gift our realtor gave us, and which is a great idea for anybody who wants to give a housewarming gift. Sparky thinks this might be a common tradition, but it's never happened to either one of us before!  We got this very nice card....

One by one, our realtor pulled out the items---a baguette loaf, some salt....
A cool bottle of wine....
On to the first "remodel" job in our new home...Sparky needed a two bin trash receptacle under the sink as recycling is really big here....and it's big to Sparky as well....Eldy to the rescue! Sparky is handy with tools (My woman knows her way around a tool box almost as well as most guys! says a proud Eldy) but she wanted to let Eldy get in the groove, as lots of ideas (uh-oh! worries E.) are floating around in her mind.....He's ready!
And TADA! A nice under cabinet storage roll out tray for two trash baskets....Thank you, sweetie!
Sparky has her eye on some more metal roll out trays for a very plain wood pantry. In the nicer, newer kitchens, the metal roll out trays are very beautiful. Unfortunately, they are VERY expensive--about 55.00 a shelf! (ouch! ouch! OUCH!) At least the ones called Rev-A-Shelf are. Someone is not very happy about that. Maybe Sparky will buy one every other month and get the pantry done that way.... :-)

The first thing that's happening besides the little stuff--replace a cracked wall switch plate, get the leaking toilet fixed, get the dishwasher unwrapped....

Fix the laundry hot water connection...It's leaking too, is to try and figure out how to budget everything because you just can't do everything all at once. We figure the most important places to work on and make pretty are the places where you sit and relax, and where you sleep. So, we first decided to get the living room painted. With about 17 foot ceilings, we aren't up to climbing ladders and stretching beyond our normal reaches, so we had the living room painted...Here's the before.....
And here's the AFTER.......
Color blocking is very trendy here in this city...We saw this a lot in the model homes we visited, and liked the look. Sparky was a little nervous about the two tone on part of the great room, and not on the blue wall, but this was a recommendation from a couple different designers (free of charge at Lazy Boy and some furniture stores in the area like Baer's. They will even come out to your house at no charge and give you advice.)...We thought, hey, we'll try the colors and if we don't like it, we can always paint it later. (MUCH later! says a weary E.) Sparky changes her mind a LOT with this ADHD thing going on, so today's color painting job COULD have had a different outcome if it was tomorrow. She's already thinking about a navy on the bottom down the road.....(sigh.....)

Well, we're pooped! Did we get any exercise today? Heck, no! We're just running around taking care of this and that...organizing pick up dates for different things, like Salvation Army...Thinking and arranging makes you tired! And it's very, very HOT....Sparky will plan on riding her bike soon when things calm down--probably early in the morning, or late at night.'s bye for now......


  1. Fresh paint always lifts your spirits. I'm not sure how I feel about the color blocking. It looks great, but I wonder if you would tire of it sooner than a wall painted all one color. That's probably the most old fashioned way to look at it, and I can just hear my mother saying it!

  2. Its all coming together and looking good.

  3. love all your projects. . .love the color blocking. . .love that it's you and not me. . .LOL! Have fun. . .

    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

  4. Glad you are feeling some better. Hope you'll soon be 100%. That's a GREAT picture of Eldy. He is definitely ready to go. Just love it!!

  5. Love the colors of the walls! Nothing like a new paint job to make the house yours :) Looking good!

  6. I have two trash baskets in our other house. When we remodel this kitchen here, I want them again!

    Isn't it fun to move into a house again...even if it isn't for every single day of your life. I do like having some roots.

    1. Me, too...I'm lovin' the space! It seems HUMONGOUS!

  7. I like the color blocking. Very interesting and it looks great. I probably would have been afraid to try it.