Friday, June 28, 2013

The Time Has Come, The Walrus Said....

To talk of many things....

Only that's the problem today....Sparky doesn't have much to talk about....She's still battling this flu/West Nile thing or whatever it is....She feels really great for much of the day, then nauseous and yucky towards the end of the day....Still on medication, but that's just about done....The least little bit of exertion REALLY is dragging her down, so she's slowing down..(FINALLY! says a relieved E.)

So the blog is short and sweet..Sparky might even take a day or two breather from the blog here in the next day or two...Kinda spread it out a little more. There's only so much you can say about painting and fixing stuff and running errands. Sparky lost her printer cord in the move and it's driving her crazy. When she started out packing up the motorhome, she was pretty organized--"DESK CONTENTS"--"BATHROOM"--and then, it got a little nuts. When she couldn't think of a main category to call the box, she just started throwing stuff. Then it got down to throwing stuff in bags and boxes and the heck with the labeling. That's kind of how we had things stored in the motorhome--fitting things in every little nook and cranny, so related items weren't always sitting side by side in the cupboards, you know? And that's how Sparky packed it. She DID find power supply cords for phones we haven't had in a couple of years. Hunh? But no power cord for the printer. Gr-r-r-r--r....

We are getting settled in...We have our living room furniture just about situated to where we want it...We're getting a couple of tables tomorrow...Gotta have something to put your feet up on while sitting on the couch, don'tcha know...

It's unbelievable how much STUFF we stashed in the motorhome. We're finding stuff we didn't know we had in the motorhome! We're actually starting to fill the house up to the max with all our "stuff" from the motorhome. And that doesn't even begin to cover what's in the storage shed back up in Indiana! Eldy's worried...Where are we going to put all THAT stuff? Well, that's what you have guest bedroom closets for, right? :-) Eldo says, just as long as Sparky doesn't try to put ANYTHING in his man cave, which is the den.

Hard to believe we've been in the house one week...We've gotten a LOT done! The whole living room/great room painted, and old stuff cleared out and donated to Salvation Army, and the motorhome is just about all the way emptied out. (HOLY COW! Where did all this stuff come from and where's it been hiding all this time!??? wonders an incredulous E.)

We're learning the Bradenton area so we know where we are going. It will be a LONG time before Sparky knows where she is going! But we are five minutes from I-75, and it's two exits south and we're back at Sun 'n' Fun or downtown Sarasota....As long as Sparky knows how to get to 1) the grocery store, 2) Michael's, 3) Hobby Lobby and 4) Joann's, she's a happy camper.

Here comes the weekend....Hope we aren't too tired to enjoy it! SO MUCH going on in Sarasota! The Grand Prix Racing Festival is coming up this week--BIG boats, FAST racing....The Florida Blues Brothers were playing tonight at a block party in downtown historical Sarasota, but we were too pooped to go..Farmer's Market in Sarasota Saturday is having a band from the '60's play music and a shrimp and lobster fest at the same time..Guess where Sparky is going Saturday morning? There's a street parade for Nik Wallenda, the Grand Canyon wire walker, on Sunday night...and of course, all kinds of festivities for July 4th coming up...Like a Miss Super Boat Grand Prix bikini contest...Eldy thinks he might want to go check that out! :-)

If we don't see you for a day or two, don't worry....we'll be back. Sparky keeps saying that, but she really does need to take a break from the blog for a day or two...maybe cut back to every couple of days. After blogging daily for over 1106 posts straight, Sparky's perfectionism streak (E. adds  AND her stubborn streak) is making it hard to let the blog go for a day or two.....Now everybody say together, "It's OK, Sparky, to not write every day...." You give her permission to ease up, right?

She says thank you! :-) and she will just say...."See you later"....   :-)


  1. It truly is more than okay to let go of your commitment to blog everyday. I am a big advocate of seeking balance in our everyday lives and I worry that our obsessions with social media and technology tip the scale in the wrong direction. Take a deep breath, find a big old classic book to get lost in, and go walk in the rain. We will still be here for you.

  2. The living room looks great. The colors all go so well and the rug really looks nice. Good job!

    I think the only one that says you have to blog every day is you. You've really been stretching the past few months trying to keep the big secret and still come up with something to blog about. Relax, feel better and we'll see you when you get back. I am enjoying hearing about the house projects though.

  3. I think you will be surprised to find that taking a couple of days off from blog writing can be very relaxing. Do it, before the blog begins to become a burden.

  4. I have to laugh after reading this whole post at your first line where you didn't have much to post about. You always find interesting things to post about but for sure take a break if you need one. I sure hope your bug isn't west nile. When do the tests come back? I don't like the sound of your continuing symptoms. Don't wear yourself out now trying to do ALL those week-end things! :-))

  5. Ditto. People get to wrapped up in writing the blogs. It is, after all, your blog anyway! Hope you're getting to feeling better soon!

  6. I never tried to blog everyday:) If I do not feel like it, that's it. Besides, it seems that some folks who write everyday have a thing with always talking about having coffee and breakfast?

    Sure hope the crud disappears soon:)