Friday, September 18, 2020

Three Hikes in Spearfish Canyon

Sparky LOVES hiking...any kind of trail, pretty much! Sparky LOVES Spearfish Canyon, and to her delight, found three hikes in the area, TWO with waterfalls! Actually, they are more like nature walks, but the ground can be uneven, so these are classified as "easy" hikes or nature walks.

1. Roughlock Falls Trail-- this is a heavily trafficked trail, depending on the time of year and time of day you go. A beautiful 2. mile out and back trail heavily shaded that flows down a chasm and then tumbles over a limestone ledge. There are multiple cascading streams of water and it's just beautiful!

Sparky saw this fly fisherman while walking to the falls. Isn't it just the classic South Dakota scene?
We loved this falls walk/hike....

#2. Spearfish Falls--another easy hike...1.4 total miles...a little steep the beginning, some people say...not paved, but firm footing, nonetheless. The hike starts behind the Spearfish Canyon Lodge restaurant. It's heavily trafficked but still a beautiful hike/walk. An 80 foot waterfall awaits at the end.

#3. Savoy Trail--it has waterfalls and can be up to a 7.3 mile hike.

Sparky went the simple way today, just followed the trail along the Spearfish Canyon Creek--about a mile and a half one way. This was the third hike in the same day, so it was a nice addition to the previous two. Sparky saw a woodpecker, a very different one. She got a photo, but here's one from the internet the shows very clearly and much better the colorings. She thinks it's a black backed woodpecker that she saw.

There are quite a few more hikes in the canyon area and surrounding areas. It's a fabulous place to get some exercise, that's for sure. We loved our time in Spearfish, SD, and would seriously consider spending a lot more time next time than the 10 days we spent this month. If you are a fisherman, you would love it even more.....Until next time....stay tuned for the Mickelson Bike Trail Saga!

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