Thursday, September 3, 2020

The Most Beautiful Campground Bathroom Ever!

Sparky was going to tell you all about the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD, but today's blog is about the most beautiful campground bathrooms ever. If you want to skip this blog, Sparky understands. But hey, if you want to know about the KOA in Mitchell, SD, Sparky thinks this KOA wins first prize. And let Sparky show you why... 

This is the women's bathroom at the KOA...Sparky is assuming the mens' looks just as nice. Each sink, and there are five, is a different Mexican tile style motif. The mirrors are all different. The facilities are impeccable. The showers have that "rain shower" fixture overhead instead of on the side wall. 

While we are talking facilities, this KOA is really special. They have nice walkways around the back of the park for an early morning or evening stroll so you don't parade around in front of everybody's rigs. They have the usual nice pool and really nice laundry facilities--better than average.

our site at KOA, Mitchell, SD

All the sites are pull thru. Many are more than ample for big rigs. We happened to get a little squeezed into this particular site, C4, but it works. Water and electric, no sewer, for about 53.00 a night. The holiday weekend is nearing, so prices climb just about everywhere.

OK, enough about's a pretty park with great facilities..Eldo just read the temperatures for the next spot we head to, Spearfish, SD, for 6 days...Here we go, a roller coaster of temps. We arrive tomorrow,  Thursday.

Thursday--78, 57

Friday--85, 60

Saturday--96 (!), 62

Sunday--86, 54

Monday--61, 36

Tuesday--44 (!), 33

Wednesday--57, 40

Crazy, hunh? See you later...don't worry, Corn Palace report still coming. Sparky got sidetracked (AGAIN) because she's a little ADHD. (A LITTLE??? laughs Eldo).....

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