Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Day5 Custer State Park Final Day

 Well, you'd think we have seen it all at Custer State Park, and we thought we had, too! But nope! Here comes the wildlife again...

You can see bison far away, or closer if you are patient....and not the worrying type....Yikes!
We saw pronghorn antelope (South Dakota antelope).....One was a bachelor....But the women are around this handsome fellow. The females numbered about eight in his company. They are around, believe you me!
And then, a beautiful little bluebird...(they always look a little mad to Sparky)...

The bluebirds were flying all around the prairie dog mounds. If you look for little grayish, whiteish mounds in a grassy area, and there are many such mounds/areas in the park, you can find the prairie dogs. Here are a cute couple grooming each other....

We had a wonderful time on our last day in Custer State Park. Always something to see...Sparky and Eldo love these wildlife nature drives. We've seen many people just rush right through the drive, not paying attention to what's happening right under their noses!  Twenty bucks entry fee for one day up to seven days...a bargain! See you next time on some beautiful hikes in Spearfish Canyon...

                                                    The end


  1. Your trip has brought back many memories. Good Pictures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your next adventure.

    It's about time.