Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Badlands are Really Bad! Part 1 KOA

When we say bad, we mean good! As in cool, as in interesting, as in formidable, as in amazing! But it IS a barren landscape, and Sparky can't even imagine what it must have been like trying to exist as a landowner and settler way back when. It's harsh, it's dry, it's barren soil, and lots of dust and rock debris blowing around on a windy day. But here we nature's natural beauty once again....We chose the KOA Badlands Campground because it's shady, in a river valley, (the river was all dried up) and it was going to be HOT! Like 100 degrees one day, and it was. Nice corner site, HUGE area to relax next to the rig, we loved it. Nice KOA, but very picky about how you park your truck or car, and 5 mph. on the paths around the campground.

The campground has a yurt (dome shaped, air conditioned deluxe tent type), nice cabins, an electric vehicle charging station, and there were all kinds of RVs at this campground that were cute and interesting. If you haven't seen the latest RVs out there, here are some.There was a new model airstream, kind of weird looking, but the owner was very happy with it. 

There was a travel trailer or fifth wheel, (fifth wheel has the truck towing the RV with the front of the RV overhanging the truck bed) with a SIDE PORCH! There are so many styles to RV in, you really have to do your homework to find out what kind you would be happy living in. And there are always tradeoffs, you can't get it all in one RV, at least we don't think that's possible. Let us know if you got what you wanted with no complaints! We'd love to hear!

There was an I LOVE LUCY travel trailer, it looked so cute! Sparky had to take photos of all the sides of it, they were all so adorable!
Here's another one. This one would be challenging for full timing, lol. But we've seen people living full time in one this size...

One last shot of our corner site at the KOA in the Badlands. We were happy for the shade. We had extremes from 28 degrees low o night to 100 degrees for a high. Tomorrow, we visit and look for wildlife, our favorite thing to do, and Sparky goes for an exhilarating hike!  Bye for now....

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