Friday, June 25, 2010

Where's Eldo today?

We traveled from weather worn Elkhart County yesterday to Jellystone Campground in Fremont, IN. We'll be here until Sunday...a great place for families...multiple pools, splash playground, water slide, restaurant/snack bar..this place is BUSY! There are so many people on bikes during the day time, it's a little hard to get around! We are in the quiet part, where the trees are newer and not as numerous, but we like it. There's another part of the campground which is popular for multiple families and regulars that I call "Yogi's Las Vegas"...tons of tiki lights, row after rows of them, lots of cornhole games going on and grilling, and lots and lots of's great that young families are introducing their children to camping and keeping healthy by exercising outdoors...we've got our site with ample concrete patio, multiple chairs--rocking or those zero gravity chairs, take your pick, c'mon out and see us! We're my Tastefully Simple bucket mix of Sangria slush ready for anybody to stop by...after a busy day of installing cupholders and various other organizing activities, time to get the campfire going and our rainbow flame sticks out...happy campin' everyone!