Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Preparing to go on the road full time

We've been busy trying to cram two households into one, putting a lot into a storage rental for when we come off the road. We've added lots of clothes and miscellaneous stuff to our Damon Challenger motor home..looking for all the possible ways to store and use the available space in the motor home, which is not generous in this particular model! Sterlite storage containers with locking handles on the lids have become my favorite container of choice. A seagrass basket holds vitamins, and miscellaneous things, another lined basket holds fruit, and still another basket holds chips and snacks in the kitchen. Our bays are full, we've stocked our cupboards, and we are getting ready to make last minute preparations for heading north to Maine this coming Sunday...we're doing little things like adding a shoe holder at the foot of the bed to contain my several pairs of shoes because they won't all fit in the little closet! (We won't say how many pairs) The bays on the outside are taken up with electrical and water and sewer supplies all along one side, and on the other side, camping chairs, campfire supplies, outdoor rug, tables, etc. are on the other side. We need to get our coach weighed soon to see how much weight is on each axle before heading out to Maine.


  1. Wow! what a lot pf prep! things one never thinks about. So excited for you. Bon Voyage!
    xxoo Sis

  2. All I can say is Whew!!
    Have a safe trip to Bar Harbor and while you're there find out why they call it that.
    Love, Sis

  3. Thanks Jeannie. Looks great. Still having problems getting it to post comments but I will keep working at it. Love and miss ya. Kristi

  4. enjoying the blog. Very interesting comments, Jeannie.
    sis xxoo